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17 October 2014

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'F1 2014' is an enjoyable racing game for last gen gamers. While it won't hold up long term in the graphical department, especially when compared to the Xbox One, it still looks and feels like a well polished AAA game.

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by Codemasters
Release Date: 24/09/2010

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Video games are often tasked with the job to perfectly replicate some portion of reality in a fun and exciting way. Sports games, in particular, have to be on the nose with their technical voracity and that is why it is so common to see 'realistic' racing games fail. They just don't cut it the way that they need to. This is not a problem that 'F1 2014' will have to deal with. 'F1 2014' is a racing simulator developed by Codemasters and based off of the latest season of Formula One racing. The game does a ton of things well and will more than find a home in consoles of racing fans everywhere, it will become a staple.

F1 2014 - Graphics To Drool Over

'F1 2014' was released on last generation technology, the Xbox 360 and PS3, yet it still has the sort of graphic quality that pushes the envelope. The cars we get to use are lifelike recreations that are loyal down to the smallest of details. We can see how gamers with large televisions could easily get lost in the way the game presents itself. The colors of the different cars and stadiums pop and add to the overall impressive feel of the video game

Getting Start as a Formula One Racer

When players boot up 'F1 2014' for the first time they will be greeted by a little program called the 'Driver Evaluation Test'. Here new users will take to the roads of Monza in order to find out exactly what their gameplay settings should be set too. Of course you can skip this test and instead choose your own difficulty settings, thus disregarding the need to take the test to begin with. This mini game to start the game really helps new users get going before they really start driving in important races. Another way that F1 tries to help its new users is through the invention of their new 'Very Easy' AI setting. This setting had not been in last seasons release. Unlimited Flashbacks, which help you undo mess ups on the track, have also been added. This is a great way to retry a troublesome prat of your race without getting sent all the way back to the beginning.

Tight Controls for a Tight Race

F1's newest line up of cars are much different than their last iteration. Gone are the super stylish, sleek and easy to control cars. Instead users will be using cars that just aren't as agile as they are used to. Instead there is more power under the hood and a little more 'oomph' behind every twist and turn on the race. The rest of the controls are unchanged so fans should be able to leap right into the race and make some good things happen.

Inconsistent AI Makes For Frustration

When we spend our time watching F1 racing on television we get used to the idea of talented competitors doing everything they can to pull out a win on the asphalt. So why can't we experience that same thrill in a racing game like F1? The truth is pretty simple: the AI cars are nowhere near well made enough to replicate quality racing. The AI cars, regardless of difficulty, do not try to defend themselves during the race. They constantly defer and will try to move out of the way if they can feel your car pressing from the back. This lack of defensive driving serves to take us out of the game, even if it is just for a little bit.

Same Old Quality Gameplay Modes

The heart and soul of any racing game has to be it's Career Mode and the same goes for 'F1 2014'. In 'F1' you can set yourself up in 7 or 12 race seasons. These seasons follow a fixed schedule and cannot be changed. The one change that is notable is that you can find yourself on any team when you first start off. You aren't pushed onto a lower team just so you have to work your way up, not anymore. Scenario Mode places you in the shoes of other famous drivers before you while Classic Racing Mode has been completely removed.

'F1 2014' is an enjoyable racing game for last gen gamers. While it won't hold up long term in the graphical department, especially when compared to the Xbox One, it still looks and feels like a well polished AAA game.

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