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16 November 2012

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F1 Race Stars features fast-paced arcade-style kart racing, players can choose from 12 teams and 24 top F1 racers including Lewis Hamilton, Fernando Alonso, and Sebastian Vettel as they race around real world-inspired racing circuits such as Monaco and Hockenheim. Race for the finish as you speed through Bavarian castles, jump swimming pools, and encounter Truckasaurus, who stands between you and the checkered flag.  Damaged vehicles can hit the pits for needed repairs and get back in the race by locating various shortcuts and power boosts. A career mode includes Grand Prix competitions, three difficulty levels, and challenges that have you racing against the clock. Up to Four players can join the fun in split-screen racing, and up to 12 players can race online.

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Release Date: 30/10/2009

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F1 Race Stars is a racing simulator game which seems to be aimed mostly towards Mario Kart fans, or at those who enjoyed playing such releases as Cars 2 the Video Game, rather than your typical racing car games such as Forza and Gran Turismo. Some may also get the impression that because it is a cartoon based game that it is geared towards the younger generation, but they would be wrong in this assumption.

The variety of tracks are vastly different to each other, and you may find yourself flying through mines, or over uneven surfaces, and each track seems to be as crazy as the last one. During your driving you must get off to a good start by picking up the power ups, as failing to do this may leave you mid position or worst still back at the rear in last position at the start. Various power ups also effect how the game is played, for instance, a driver might obtain a power up that gives him teleportation abilities, enabling him to reach pole position. Or another power up may enable the safety car that in turn slows the racer down. You also have various obstacles and goodies on the track, such as water spouts or paving slabs which boost the driverÂÂ’s speed. Good old fashioned, sound driving skills are a must if you are to grab all the goodies and rush down the hidden tracks during the more frantic levels.

Some of the tracks are also very well designed having twists and turns, jumps and track loops which make it hard to position the car centrally whilst traveling upside down. The characters are modeled on the leading F1 drivers, except that they are in a cartoon style in fitting with the game style and overall layout.

Due to the gameplay style associated with this game, no levels are the same, due to the power ups effecting the overall state of play, in some cases drastically affecting the game in both good and bad ways depending on the power up obtained, either by you or one of your opponents. Adopting this approach enables replay ability because the same level, should you choose to replay a level, is always different to that of the last, due to the way in which the power ups and characters interacts with each other during this mode of play. That and the numerous obstacles which end up on various tracks where a simple shunt by an opponent for example can throw your positioning into chaos always make for different situations.

The sound quality is superb and the details on the many characters are well designed, and the online gameplay will allow users to race other F1 Race Star fans. In conclusion this racing game has been heavily influenced by previous titles but in this case I think they have done them justice in both appearance and game playability.

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