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26 September 2014

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Fantasy Life offers a mix of traditional RPG adventure and tranquil village living. Gamers create a custom character, and then select from 12 different Life paths before setting off on an adventure to help save the land of Reveria. Each Life offers unique abilities, with the Hunter, Magician, Mercenary, and Paladin specializing in different kinds of combat, the Angler, Miner, and Woodcutter adept at gathering materials, and the Alchemist, Blacksmith, Carpenter, Cook, and Tailor capable of crafting hundreds of different items. As players advance through the game they can meet and unlock allies and pets to accompany them on quests.

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Release Date: 14/06/2013

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The problem with being an avid gamer is pretty simple: there is never enough time to truly get through all of the games we want to play. This problem gets even bigger as more and more games turn toward a sort of open world, free roaming style. One of those new games, commonly referred to as 'sandboxes', is "Fantasy Life" for the Nintendo 3DS. This roleplaying game was developed by Level-5 and released late last year. Since its arrival into the hands of mobile gamers it has developed a cult like following across the globe, and for good reason. Let's take a closer look at "Fantasy Life" and what makes it endearing enough for us to want to step into its world.

Fantasy Life Offers Diversity & Replayability

One of the most clamored for gaming elements of the modern gamer is the ability to truly 'choose your own path'. This means that traditional class systems are out. We've seen games like 'Skyrim' and 'Dark Souls' embody this element to great success and it is the core tenant that "Fantasy Life" builds its fanbase. In "Fantasy Life" you get to live your Life the way you want. This means that, of the 12 different classes involved, you can seamlessly flick to whatever suits you at the moment. Do you want to be a hunter today? How about a fisherman? Crafting something useful sounds fun too, go give that a shot. Fans of the "Rune Factory" series will be familiar with how these different classes function as well as how they are used to push the story forward.

A Fantasy Life Takes Some Work

The basic premise of "Fantasy Life" involves your aide being requested by King Erik of Castele. The noble old man wants you to investigate a mysterious meteorite that crashed into your home, along with a talking butterfly by the name of Flutter. The story ramps up the gravitas by bits and pieces but the crux of your goals are simple: perform tasks, finish quests and keep the peace for the beautiful world that you live in. There are stretches of gameplay that you will start to feel the grind set in and the story doesn't do much to alleviate the feeling. You'll find yourself following instinct as you push toward 'fetch quest' style missions. Fortunately for "Fantasy Life", the core mechanics of the gameplay are so addicting that the quests remain fun long after your eyes have grown tired of reading.

Multiple Gameplay Objectives Keep You Focused

Many life simulators tend to get bogged down in tedium and it causes players to sort of get lost in the shuffle and eventually walk away from their gaming console. Games like "Animal Crossing" and "Harvest Moon" can occasionally fall victim to this sort of problem. "Fantasy Life" avoids these same issues, however, by instilling a wide range of objectives that players can stumble into. Players will have to answer to their sidekick, Flutter, as the little butterfly makes demands for you to complete challenges. The same goes with all of the city folk that you will run across as you play the game. A small symbol will hover over their heads and a brief interaction will incite a challenge quest for you. Do these quests in order to gain Dosh (money) and experience points. Finally you can go into co-op mode in order to find the furthest borders of the "Fantasy Life" world. With your friends on hand you'll be able to tackle more challenging tasks.

In Closing

"Fantasy Life" is the type of game that attracts both casual and hardcore game enthusiasts. The lackadaisical nature of the gameplay allows for players to slow down their pace and truly soak up the 'zen' style of play that seems to be encouraged. Attractive and colorful graphics pop off of the 3DS and the controls are as tight as can be. Moving about in the 3D world is easy and the music is top notch. While the game will definitely put off some of the more story oriented players out there, it will still have more than enough burn to retain its active fanbase. Keep an eye out for more expansions as Level-5 continues to grow another great franchise.

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