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31 March 2006

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The Far Cry: Instincts Predator video game is a remake of the original first-person shooter game, Far Cry, and is bundled with extra campaigns and a separate story line. Become stronger than ever as Jack Carver in this Microsoft Xbox 360 video game with all new abilities that make him the perfect predator. The eight-map campaign of this first-person shooter game gives you hours of action-packed gameplay. You can also create your own maps to play out and share with friends through the online multiplayer mode of this Microsoft Xbox 360 video game. The Far Cry: Instincts Predator video game includes new and improved features that make it a must-have for all fans of the original.

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8.3 / 10
Overall, Far Cry 3 is a very entertaining open-world game that has been described as Skyrim with guns. A huge map editor means lots of multiplayer fun.
by Ubisoft
Release Date: 30/11/2012

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In the game, the main character meets Kade who hires him to act as her bodyguard in a gun-running deal she has with the warlords. Naturally, something would go wrong and Jack will find himself in the jungle struggling against rebels and the crossbreed of animal and human. In reality, this game does not really measure up to the previous game probably due to the fixed mechanics in gameplay. Plus, there are also multitudes of jumping puzzles which are annoying and frustrating.

However, there are also certain good stuffs with the new sequel. It introduces environments which are wide-open and will let you undertake the objectives in any way you would like them, letting you hunt around so you will know what to do. The artificial intelligence is now sharper and the player will have the chance to play with an arsenal that is bigger such as the Molotov cocktails. New vehicles are also available; however, the physics of the locomotives is still unchanged.

Aside from the two single-player modes, you can also avail of the multiplayer mode that is filled with features. The levels for the multiplayer are all present together with several new maps which are based on the campaign for the Predator and that involves the Shanty Town which is an elevated fishing village. The multiplayer campaigns still has features like the deathmatch and the team deathmatch. There is also the capture the flag and predator mode present in which a single player will acquire animal powers while the rest do not have. Another good feature of Far Cry Instincts is map editor that is built-in. this will create simplicity in generating and sharing of maps.

Far Cry Instincts Predator is quite hard to distinguish from the original game since things will appear better in a high definition screen, yet, the sharpness will also stress certain models of low-polygon. The audio quality is good, but the combination is offhand most especially in cutscenes. You will surely get more value from Predator since this is a fine package which presents loads of outstanding content.

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