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FIFA 09 All-Play Wii hints.

Clean sheets:-
For clean sheets to be credited in season, tournament, Be A Pro Season, manager modes (everything outside exhibitions), it would be the final keeper present at the end of a shutout (clean sheet) game. For example,
if you start with Edwin Van der Sar in the first half, Thomasz Kusczak in the beginning of second half, but
finish with Wayne Rooney in goal because Kusczak was red carded, and the final score was 2 0, Rooney will be credited with the clean sheet, and not Edwin Vander Sar. Kusczak is ineligible because he was red carded.
The clean sheet is void if any goals are scored against them. If any keeper conceded a goal, any substitute
keepers in goal will not benefit even if they didn't concede any further goals.

Easy goals:-
If you have Ronaldinho or Kaka, when you are in control of them, just drop the Wiimote while wearing the
strap in the middle of the field and they will score.

Recommended players:-
If you play in Manager mode with AC Milan, the first person in the transfer market is Ibroavic from your
team's rival. Buy him; he is a good player.