FIFA 13 Bonus Edition - PS3

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30 November 2012


FIFA 13 Bonus Edition is specific to the PS3 and Xbox 360 console and has all the great features of the regular FIFA 13 game, as well as some bonus content and game features

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FIFA 13 is the latest edition of the best selling and award winning soccer game series from EA Sports. FIFA 13 Bonus Edition is specific to the PS3 and Xbox 360 console and has all the great features of the regular FIFA 13 game, as well as some bonus content and game features. Let us look at the various game modes first.

Single Game:

This is the simplest way to play a game of soccer on FIFA. You may play against the computer in a variety of difficulty levels, or against other people using different controllers. You can select teams from various leagues all over the world. Whether it is high flying Real Madrid or humble Barnsley, you can pick any team you want.

Teams are updated on FIFA as transfers take place and weekly updates show changes in player form that are sourced from the real life statistics of players during the season. If a player is injured or has a bad game, their stats go down. If they do well, they will see a boost in ability.

Manager Mode / Career Mode:

This allows you to take control of a club and try to win everything with that team. You get various seasons and complete control of what goes on. This includes buying and selling players, as well as selecting what system to play or what tactics to use. You can also enter career mode in the form of a single player, in which you look to make your mark by successfully achieving certain challenges set by the manager.

Pro Mode:

In this mode, you can create a custom player and see how well that player can perform over a period of 5 seasons. You choose the team you want to start off playing for and your first goal is to get yourself picked to play. From there it is possible for the player with the right skills and temperament to progress all the way up to play for the national team. To increase the pro's ability, you must complete challenges set in each game and on a monthly basis.

Online Modes:

There are two major online modes. The first is Seasons, where you play a set of games against various online competitors and bid to go up the league ladder. You start off in division ten and the goal is to win each division and get to division one. Once you top division one, you have won the league title. Win as many league titles as possible then see how you are doing against the best in the world.

The second online mode is FIFA Ultimate Team. This allows you to buy various players through coins and packs (that can be purchased for real money) to make your custom dream team. The better you do in matches and tournaments, the more coins you have. Create the best team possible and challenge players online, or play single player games with that team.

The bonus edition gives you 25 free Gold packs, which will contain various gold players, contracts and other accessories needed for the Ultimate Team.

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