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28 September 2012


FIFA 13 delivers the largest and deepest feature set in the history of the franchise. Five game-changing innovations create a true battle for possession, deliver freedom and creativity in attack, and capture all the drama and unpredictability of real-world soccer. Key features include Attacking Intelligence, FIFA 13 Complete Dribbling, FIFA 13 1st Touch Control, Tactical Free Kicks, refined fundamentals, the expansion of the player impact engine and complete authenticity with over 500 officially licensed clubs and more than 15,000 players.

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FIFA 13 is the latest in a long line of soccer/football games from EA Sports. These games have been produced since the mid 1990s, FIFA 13 is no different and there have been changes to the game play and the aesthetics that everyone will enjoy. Let us take a look at the basic game play modes:

Exhibition Game.

In this, you simply select the games you want to play as and go for a one time match. This can be against the computer or against other people using multiple controllers. The exhibition games have an added element, where players' form is adjusted based on real life performance. If a player is doing well, his rating will be higher and vice versa.

Career Mode.

This mode can be engaged in a number of ways. There is the manager mode, where you control the team and can play in all the games. Then there is the player mode, where you are just one player and the rest of the team is CPU controlled.

Pro Mode.

In this game mode you create your own player and work your way through the football world. Your tasks are given to you and when you complete them you will increase your ability each time. The goal is to become a star for the best teams and to play for your country, but it requires patience and plenty of seasons.

Online Seasons Mode.

This is one of the most popular modes and it involves online game play. You start in Division 10 and must win a certain number of games every "season" in order to progress up the divisions. The goal is to win all the divisions and to get up to division 1. Then you can win the "League title" (which means winning division 1). You can also see how you are ranked compared to all the other players who play online.

FIFA Ultimate Team Mode.

Another hugely popular mode, Ultimate team is played either online or offline. The key to this is that you start off with a certain set of players, mostly bronze players, and you must build up your team. Each time you win a game or competition you get coins and those can be used to trade for players, contracts, staff, and much more. Packs with players and other items can also be bought through the FIFA store.

Game play changes.

There have been some changes to the game play for FIFA 13. The most notable one is the first touch element. In the past, first touch was automatic and players took a perfect touch no matter from where or how the pass was played. Now, the weight of the pass, the quality of the player, and the way you take the touch will determine first touch. It leads to more lost possessions and an added need for concentration. It also differentiates the best players from those with lesser quality.

FIFA 13 is a wonderful game for soccer/football fanatics and casual fans alike.

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