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26 September 2014

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FIFA 15 Ultimate Edition on the PlayStation 3 brings football to life in stunning detail so fans can experience the emotion of the sport like never before. Witness the intensity of crowds chanting and cheering like on match day, and listen to commentators guide fans through the story of the game with dynamic match presentation. For the first time ever, all 22 players on the pitch are connected with emotional intelligence – now players will react to opponents and teammates within the context, and relative to the narrative of the match. Ultimate Edition includes: Lionel Messi on Loan, 40 free FUT Packs, Adidas All-Star Team, Adidas boots to play with, and finally 3 new celebrations.

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8.0 / 10
FIFA 15 on the PlayStation 3 brings football to life so fans can experience the sport like never before. Authentic Player Visuals make players look lean, athletic, and true to their real-life appea...
by Electronic Arts
Release Date: 26/09/2014

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'FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition' was developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. Not needing any introduction, we can't help ourselves. The FIFA series has long been one of the most important sports titles in the world of video games. With a long and storied history of quality releases behind it, we couldn't wait to fire up our console in order to try out 'FIFA 15'. We had been let down of late by various titles in the world of sports (We're looking at you 'NBA Live') but we had only heard good things about this latest 'FIFA' entry. So we grabbed a few buddies, twisted off a few drinks, and got onto the pitch.

Soccer itself is a game comprised almost purely of energy, while skill and technique makes itself known in the subtle nuances of the game. Taking a game that is so beloved and so interesting is a difficult task, especially when you have to consider the sheer popularity of the series. Shouldn't it be easy to develop a game with a huge fanbase? You'd think so. But soccer fans are rabid and vocal with what they want and what they don't want. So make no mistake, EA had to do the thing right. They had to improve upon 'FIFA 14' and they had to go big for this new generation of consoles.

Fortunately we got a masterpiece.

When you sit down with a sports title on your console of choice, it is because you want to emulate the feeling of being a professional. You want to feel like you are in the game. You want to be in the flow of the pitch, kicking the ball around, advancing, sliding, and making those crazy game winning shots. You want to be so immersed into the contest that you are genuinely surprised at the outcome. That is why 'FIFA 15' needed to have a perfected presentation. You want to feel like you are joining in the game, as if it were a match being broadcast in HD in your living room.

In 'FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Edition' the games are pretty carefully orchestrated. prior to each game you will get to see a view of the stadium from the sky. Underneath that footage you will hear the commentators talk up the game and try to get you hyped in. The footage will overlap with other parts of the stadium leading up to your players taking the field. The field itself is beautifully detailed, harnessing all of the power that the game has to offer. From the fans in the background to the hair on your players head, everything looks gorgeous. As you play each game you will notice that the field starts to take a beating due to the two teams tearing it up. Your jerseys get dirtier. The crowd gets louder. It's a pretty amazing experience.

Looking past just the looks of 'FIFA 15' we need to see a game that has tight and responsive controls. Most sports are twitch based activities, and most sports games are also twitch based. If the controls in this game were floaty and unresponsive it wouldn't matter how pretty the experience was. Fans of 'FIFA 14' won't be upset with that '15' offers them. The controls are very similar to the past entry and everything plays almost the same. Controlling the ball up and down the pitch is a tight, simple, and responsive experience. One of the biggest changes in the game is how the players react to your controls. The players feel even more tightly attached to your controls and they react quicker than ever. You won't feel like a car driving around on the grass. Along with these controls there are also some new gameplay mechanics that lead to more strategy: parking the bus during the match opener, pushing players around when it comes time for goal kicks, and even some new moves during corner kicks.

Martin Tyler and Alan Smith take over the commentary for 'FIFA 15' and they do an adequate job. The two have chemistry and they dole out all of the appropriate statistics at the right time. Tyler and Smith set up the line ups and keep you interested, or at least listening, with play by play updates. Though the commentary is fluid and enjoyable you will likely eventually get tired of them. This is just a byproduct of sports video games. The recordings just aren't dynamic enough for long term interest, and that's fine. The on-the-field sound is much better than in past entries. You have the crowd getting fully into the game, the sounds of players grunting and making plays, and the refs blowing their whistles. the experience is immersive, especially in the bigger stadiums.

Where 'FIFA 15' does fall flat is in regards to the different game modes available. You can play exhibition, career, and online mode but there is nothing deeper to offer than those features. You have the weekly highlights, match day live, and a slew of other little distractions. However, the on pitch experience is so tight that we didn't find ourselves needing any number of gimmicky modes to distract ourselves. The 'FIFA' series is competitive in nature and most players will be focusing their time on the online match making. So that is where we stop ourselves from dinging their overall score.

At the end of the day what we want most out of 'FIFA 15 Ultimate Edition' is an experience that keeps us competing with our friends and pushing ahead to try and master the game. Soccer itself is such a rallying cry for passionate fans that it is important that we get a good gaming title for them. We ended up really enjoying our time with 'FIFA 15' and could easily suggest it to fans of the sport or fans looking to compete in general. The game has replay value and clout in the world of competitive gaming, so don't be afraid that it is too niche.

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