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26 October 2012


A manager's job is not an easy one as you wil learn from FIFA Manager 13. Successful management of a modern football side requires the manager to take responsibility for the training, selection and tactics of the team, the signing of the best affordable players and the provision and maintenance of club social facilities and the stadium. On top of all this you have to deal with the press. That doesn't leave much time for playing video games!!

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FIFA Manager 13 is the latest management game for football/soccer and it is produced by EA Sports. The game has the FIFA tag on it, but it is very different from the regular FIFA games. This game is more about the controlling of a team than about playing the game yourself. However, there is plenty for football fans to enjoy with this edition. Here is a look at the game modes and how FIFA Manager is played.


FIFA Manager 13 is based on managing a football club. This game allows you to manage clubs in all the major footballing countries, such as England, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Scotland, Brazil, or even the United States. It does not matter what type of team you choose, the challenge is just as great. Whether you are chasing the treble with Real Madrid or Barcelona, or trying to avoid relegation with Wigan or Reading, the game is just as difficult.

This game is all about managing the resources you have at the team and using them in the right manner. You will have to buy and sell players at will, to make the team exactly how you want it. Transfers are very realistic, so you will have to keep that in mind. For example, a team such as Blackburn will not be able to attract Cristiano Ronaldo to their team. You have to keep in mind the team's reputation as well as the finances when you are making transfers.

Another key element to this game is the tactics and formation you use. This has to be spot on, or you will not get the best possible results. You might have a favorite formation that you always use, or different systems for various teams and situations. Either way, the options are all there. Make sure the tactics you use are right for the group of players at your disposal.

The game has improved from the previous versions in many ways. The transfers are more realistic and there are more details in terms of instructions you can give out. Remember that what you say to players will effect their morale and performance.

Match Engine:

The FIFA Manager 13 engine is very advanced for a management game. Think of it as you are running FIFA 2005 or 2006 when you watch a match. There is the ability to play in the match, but most people prefer to watching their team and making changes the way a manager would. This combination of match time experience and tactical possibilities is what makes FIFA Manager 13 such a popular game.

FIFA Manager has always lagged behind Football Manager, but with this edition it seems as if FIFA is making a comeback in this genre as well. With a few more tweaks in time for FIFA Manager 14, the game will be a serious rival to FM. Right now this is the second best management game for football fans, but it is still a very good game in its own right.

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