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04 March 2011

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Fight Night Champion contains a new "Full Spectrum Punch" control system which allows players to execute uppercuts, overhands, jabs, and even one-shot knock-outs, in an intuitive, realistic flow. The game's anaerobic stamina system model’s exhaustion in individual muscle groups so that using a favourite punch repeatedly will quickly fatigue the over-used muscles, and boxers are encouraged to stay on their toes and mix up their attacks. The single player "Championship" mode presents a story-driven campaign, with themes of greed and corruption that test an athlete's integrity outside of the ring, as well as his prowess within.

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Release Date: 05/11/2010

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A rare instance of a sports game that is story-driven, making a powerful blast.

EA manages to make Champion have its own mark amongst its series of Fight Night sports sim that focuses on boxing, now complete with a club atmosphere and unpredictable KOs and knockdowns. It is something unexpectedly great that even core gamers can appreciate in the long run. This is an unusual but definitely entertaining sight, as story gamers aren’t really fond of sports sims and vice-versa.

Fight Night adds up the Champion mode that starts the plot of the game as a prisoner Andre Bishop, fighting against fellow inmates who happen to be heavy fighters. The story is a mixture of the stories of different boxing icons and legends, such as Rocky, and even Mike Tyson. Much like a real boxing game, you undergo training in order to gain fame and be a part of the Hall of Fame or to become the greatest boxer of all time. It is not an easy task, but the Champion mode will definitely let you get a hold of your future fame or failure. If you happen to have played the previous versions of Fight Night, especially the Round 4, you would be quite familiar with Champion. Fights are scheduled and you go through a ladder of opponents depending on how well you do in the fights. How long would it take to advance up will depend on how fast you finish fights.

The game is really beyond every other game of its sort. Story-wise, the plot is a mixture of different stories, yet it owns a unique composure and flavor and is still entertaining. There are also minigames throughout to make sure you never get bored. Voice acting is very lively, along with announcers Joe Tessitore and Teddy Atlas of ESPN. Commentary is stop on also, comments are detailed, accurate, and not exactly repetitive. Effects are also great, especially with the very realistic set of damage and blood when you get hurt.

Fighting gets more rewarding with the fact that there are times when you have to win only by knockouts or knockdowns, as the drama shows the judges gets bought by the opponent manager. Older versions of Fight Night lets you spam punches against the opponent, but Fight Night Champion won’t let you do that anymore. It lets you fight in a realistic way without compromising the controls you have to do with the stick, in a much easier than its predecessors, much like you’re in the real game. The first few games would not be easy though, but as soon as you get a feel of the controls, especially with the new Full Spectrum Punch Control, you will feel the intense and realistic gameplay. There are also times when you fight with an injury, like a broken hand, and this gives much more challenge. What’s great in Champion is the fact that it emphasizes the story without overpowering the gameplay.

In fact, it goes beyond the previous Legacy modes that were typical of the series. The only letdowns of the game I think are the stamina and damage level balancing, and the counters go up and down so suddenly with very little action. Champion changed the way I looked on sports gaming, and I believe both story and sports gamers would love this. Add up the online mode which will enable you to rank yourself amongst all players online and also to compete with players all around different gyms online. Definitely worth the wait.

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