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04 March 2011

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Fight Night Champion takes the boxing experience one giant step forward by delivering an experience never before seen in an EA Sports video game. History will be made with this revolutionary iteration that builds upon the best-in-class gameplay and physics engine of Fight Night Round 4, while immersing you in a world of brutality, uncertainty, betrayal, and redemption. Survive the brutal road to redemption with Fight Night Champion. One huge all-new feature is Champion Mode: a full story mode, in which you take control of raw but talented middleweight Andre Bishop and guide him through a career, which even encompasses prison-brawling and bare-knuckle fighting, alongside Bishop’s progression through the boxing ranks.

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The fifth installment of Fight Night creates the reality that boxers go through, stuck in a game with a good but flawed plot. I am a boxing fan myself.

I’ve watched numerous fights before, and I just think Fight Night Champion’s story mode gets real with its effects this time – as real as to let you wake up that boxing is not just a game, but a real life bloody fight.

Fight Night Champion is the modified version of the old game, this time you get to use the stick flicking in your Xbox instead of the analog stick movements. This made the controls a lot easier, both in terms of speed as well as emphasizing the strength of your punches. You no longer have to hope to make the right move as the controls are exactly done as you do. This time too, the AI gets smarter than it used to be. The boxers fight differently, and they become more aggressive when needed. However, don’t expect them to be perfect, as I have found some moments when they made some dumb and senseless moves.

The spoken reality is much felt in the Champion mode. The Legacy mode, which has been around Fight Night Round 4, bore really no new big changes. It’s still uninspired and slow, the trainings are tedious and difficult, and definitely something to dislike. Well, except in its online mode. In this mode, you can create your own gym or boxing clam where others can join. You can setup tournaments to have the players advance. This is great with the fact that the players are now real people and not just a computer having no mind at all.

So what’s special about the Champion mode? This mode is actually a story-driven mode showing the rise, fall and again rise of you as Andre Bishop, an aspiring fictional boxer. It goes off to show a compelling mixture of different boxing movies as well as legends, differently shown unlike others that have tried this before. You get to realize the motivations involved in the fights, as well as the backstage scenes showing the dirty tricks made by managers to be able to win. You start off in prison then goes off to show what you’ve got as a professional fighter – like everything you saw in movies before but like nothing you’ve felt before. Voices and commentaries are nothing special, but are something more than the previous versions, and I somehow appreciate the effort for that.

Aside from the story, another realistic thing in Champion is its gameplay, which goes very well with the story. A knockout is sometimes the only option you’ve got to win when things get a little dirty. And if you’ve gotten to see a real fight before, you’ll realize the exact same thing in Champion. The striking presence of blood is there – even the punch marks on the fighters’ faces will seem real to be seen.

While the changes are cool, most of the game is still the same Fight Night we’ve played before. I am not so entirely sure that’s a bad thing, but it isn’t something great too. There are still some lapses with the lagginess as well as too much unnecessary minigames. But overall, with the game’s Champion mode, you’ll definitely enjoy your aspiration as a boxer and fighter.

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