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10 March 2006

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Fight Night Round 3 pounces on the PSP and gives players the ability to throw the most devastating punches, you can truly fight like the greatest champions of all time, such as Muhammad Ali and Oscar De La Hoya. EA Sports Fight Night's innovative analog punch system, Impact Punches are high risk and high reward - put down your opponent or get knocked on the canvas. Boxing's Greatest Rivalries - Watch ESPN Classic footage of real-life bouts or re-create the greatest fights from past and present including Arturo Gatti vs. Mickey Ward, Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Eric Morales, and Ali vs. Frasier. Establish intense rivalries of your own by intimidating opponents before the big fight with heated press conferences full of hype, trash talkin', and fights at weigh-ins. Relive the best rivalries of your career in ESPN's Instant Classics.

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The most obvious omission in this newest version of the Fight Night games is a lack of the Total Punch Control configuration that made the earlier ones so famous. This allowed a player to use both analog sticks to control the action. Instead, the PSP version utilizes the analog stick for moving around the ring, and the face buttons for throwing punches. While that is not necessarily something that will make a game unplayable, in this case, it was done in a fashion that makes it very difficult to throw all the punches at your disposal.

Your character has a lot of different moves available to him, too. Just like in the console version, a player can throw a jab, a hook, and uppercut, or a haymaker, each of which is performed by pressing a different button. The D-pad also comes into play, allowing a player to clinch up, taunt, throw out an illegal blow, or throw a signature punch. The top buttons come into play too, with the R button blocking and the L button causing your boxer to lean. The four main punches can all be thrown from either side, too, resulting in a vast array of possible attacks your boxer can throw out. Unfortunately, the method of implementing this is actually rather difficult to perform in the heat of the fight, since a lot of your more powerful punches require two or even three buttons to pull off.

It's not just the offense that has a lot of options available, either. There are four different areas of your body to defend, your upper and lower body, and the left and right sides. In order to parry punches, or change your defensive position, you'll need to hold R and then push the face buttons. This, once again, becomes incredibly complex in the heat of competition, and results in it being very difficult to respond appropriately to incoming punches.

Fortunately, it won't take much in the way of defense to win the single-player game, as most fights can be won with a continually driving offense. Merely getting one punch down pat, and then learning to find opportunities to use it with each new enemy is pretty much all it takes to get it right. Even with just one punch in your arsenal, the AI doesn't ever seem to pick up that that's the one coming and block it. If you wanted really tough AI, this is not the game to find it in.

All in all, Fight Night Round 3 is a decent port of the series to the system. It's not easy to control, but there is a lot of different punches available to learn. If you absolutely need boxing on your PSP, there could be worse ways to go.

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