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10 March 2006

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Fight Night Round 3 is the undisputed champion of boxing video games and delivers another hit this time around. Feel what it's like to hit or be hit by great champions such as Muhammad Ali and Oscar De La Hoya with film-quality graphics that showcase the most devastating punches seen in any game or movie. Outside the ring, establish intense rivalries by calling out opponents and triggering press-conference brawls on your way to becoming boxing's greatest legend. Fight Night Round 3 is the closest thing to being in the ring without getting punched. Design a fighting style all your own, and see how you match up against the authentic signature styles from the world's best fighters.

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Release Date: 26/06/2009

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With the total punch control mechanic in place, the best parts of the game have not changed. The way in which the controls work is position your boxer using the left analog stick and you throw punches using the right stick. You can also fling jabs by way of tapping the analog stick in a forward direction whether to the right or the left and will depend on the fist you want to utilize.

What is considered new to the game are the impact punches which have a lot of variations on the haymaker. What has been introduced in the previous game is the haymaker power punch which is known to be the fundamental swing for the fences punch. The flash knockout punch is an exaggerated punch like the haymaker and will immediately drain the opponent’s health for an instant knockdown. The stun punch launches an opposite 1st person minigame wherein you will yourself in the eyes of your rival as you fill him with punches. These impact punches are difficult to pull off since the windup is sluggish and the punches are easily dealt with.

Flinging punches is a good strategy and at times, it could win a match but you need to defend yourself in certain occasions. You can obstruct and evade punches with the use of the right trigger found in Xbox 360 and R1 button in PlayStation 2. You can also utilize the analog stick on the right side to ascertain which portion of the body requires guarding. But of course, there is more to boxing than just flinging and taking up punches. You need to be anxious about maintenance as well. The fighter’s health is important and is usually managed with similar trainings and minigames just like in the previous game.

Whereas Fight Night Round 3 has the same gameplay as its predecessor, the player has some control on the way of fighting courtesy of the new fighting styles in which you are capable of assigning to the fighter. Also, the game has similar features with the previous just like the career and online multiplayer modes with an addition of the new mode of ESPN classic. This will give you the chance to revive some of the biggest sessions in boxing history. The boxing fights will begin with ease and if you have played with the previous games, you will be able to encounter fights with no knock downs. The career mode of the game has also introduced the idea of rivalry.

When Round 3 is placed in Xbox 360, it is amazingly lifelike with genuine and specific fighter models. But there are also enormous eyesores due to exaggerated promotions of the 3 versions of the game. Despite the lack of surprises to be expected, Round 3 is still a great game of boxing.

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