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10 November 2010

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Fighters Uncaged is a unique and gritty tournament style fighting game exclusive for Xbox 360 that delivers 100% controller-free action via the body mapping and motion capture capabilities of Microsoft Kinect. The game features 70 real martial arts move including punches, kicks, defensive actions and more, that the player instantly triggers in-game against opponents by performing the actual move in front of the Kinect sensor. Additional features include intense combo possibilities, special voice activated moves, over-the-top opponents and multiplayer support, including co-op and online leaderboard functionality on Xbox Live.

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Fighters Uncaged presents a single player experience akin to the all-time favourite Street Fighter style. But the game is not simply a virtual recopy of early fighting games. It’s intended to be played as single player where the he watches the opponents move and react accordingly. The player can dodge, cover or launch an offensive blow against the enemy. Players just need to be cautious because the opponent can strike them as well. This game offers over 70 different moves to be performed in front of the Kinect camera.

There are the usual combination moves as well as the regular blows like elbows, uppercuts, jabs, forward and sidekicks. All these are captured in real-time into the virtual arena but there are occasional lags which are results of the console’s processing time, it waits for the player to complete the move before it is sent to the screen. For experienced players, they can try launching combo moves by striking follow up shot after releasing their first blow, a successful combination move needs the power meter to be filled first. The camera is set behind the player’s character and every move is projected to the screen fluidly in a smooth 60 frames per second rate. The characters are superbly done in 3D with fully rendered details and texturing. The lighting suits a fighting arena’s atmosphere. It seems that the whole graphic quality has been given thorough attention that it looks akin with Resident Evils. Its settings allow a smooth frame rate and a fixed camera angle all throughout. The background is not sloppy and still conveys the general theme of the game. All its graphic attributes heightens the excitement and fun of the game. The superb audio quality also set the tone of the game.

There are real life sound effects like being hit by a punch and having a shot land over the opponent. Although, it is not possible to play in multiplayer mode, the whole single player game itself is complete with action. The whole experience with this game is entirely different. It is as if playing in a bar with a huge opponent who never actually hurts the player. Plainly, Fighters Uncaged is more similar with a bar fight than a simple boxing match.

If you happen to be fed up with all the exercise-based Kinect games and are looking to try something new, Fighters Uncaged is the best game to grab. It’ll keep you moving while you’re indulging in a real-life fighting fantasy.

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