Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon - Wii Cheats


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Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon Wii cheats.

Jukebox in Dardola's Dining:-
At some point in the game Head to Dardola's Dining and talk to Dardola. The Bell will ring and he
will lose his memories. Hop in his head and complete the dungeon. After this, He will make the
jukebox in his shop available and you can now listen to the music in the game!

JukeBox: Complete Dardola's Memories Bonus Dungeon

Additional Dungeons:- After completing the game, there are two new dungeons available immediately.

Chocobo's Memories (Standard Dungeon): Accessed through the Chocobo statue in the park
Croma's Future (Special Dungeon): Accessed through Croma in Stella's House

Obtain all Jobs:- Jobs are like Classes. You begin with the 'Natural' job and there
are 9 others to get during the game.

Black Mage: Make it to 10F in Guardian of the Flame
Dancer: Enter 'Pirouette' (capital P at the beginning, the rest lowercase, AND a musical note
at the end) as a Romantic Phrase
Dark Knight: Defeat Croma Shade oin 30F in Guardian of the Light
Dragoon: Complete Meja's Memories
Knight: Complete Freja's Memories
Ninja: Complete Volg's Memories
Scholar: Defeat the four elements in 20F Guardian of the Water
Thief: Steal the item behind Merchant Hero X in any of his dungeon shops
White Mage: Complete Pastor Roche's Memories