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20 March 2015

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Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the PlayStation 4 allows players to take charge of a group of fourteen students from an elite military academy whose country is attacked by an aggressive neighboring Empire. Using the powerful abilities and magic of all fourteen characters in fast-paced action-RPG combat, players must face the brutality and injustices of war to uncover the secrets of its genesis.

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by Square Enix
Release Date: 14/04/2014

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'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD' on the PlayStation 4 is a Japanese Role Playing Game which was published and developed by Square Enix and later released on March 20th 2015.

Square Enix has long stood above its competitors as THE company to emulate when it comes to producing big, expansive and immersive role playing games. The guys at Square Enix have been doing well for the past couple of decades as their series has spanned from Nintendo consoles all the way up to the newest entries into the gaming world: the PlayStation 4. 'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD' will be the flagship entry into the next generation of consoles that Square Enix stands behind. 'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD' is an HD re-release of the similarly titled PSP game, which was released back in 2011 overseas in Japan only.

'Type-0 HD' shares some of the confusing and deep backstory that 'Final Fantasy XIII' made popular but it still manages to branch out on its own in order to create a very unique and dark story. Casual gamers will be confused by things like the 'Fabula Nova Crystallis' but if that particular mythology can be ignored, at least until further into the game, then the story will quickly begin to make some sense. 'Type 0' does try to make things easier for new gamers by using an immersive and easy to digest introduction, but the game can only be so palatable for casual gamers before it demands an investment in the mental capacity.

'Type-0 HD' manages to pull in a mature rating and the subject matter involved ensures that it earns its touchy rating. The general gist of the game is that you play as a bunch of school kids who are charged with the mission of saving their country. In typical entertainment being a child means that you are immune from any sort of violent end. As we all know, Square Enix doesn't pull any punches with its character deaths. So there are times when you watch beloved 14 year old characters get killed on screen. These moments are hard to digest, especially for older games. The setting is morbid but the tone still respects the lack of levity. The characters begin as relative stereotypes, insofar as that is possible for Square Enix, but they grow by leaps and bounds as the story progresses. You'll llikely quickly find yourself rooting for a few characters you never thought you'd like.

The 'Final Fantasy' series is known as much for its elaborate RPG elements as it is for its slow paced, turn based combat. While the turn based combat isn't entirely gone for 'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD', it is definitely put on the backburner as real time fighting takes the forefront. Each mission demands a three person fighting squad. It is up to you to put together a balanced team that can handle what is thrown at you. As the main character you only control one person at a time, so you will have to rely on NPC teammates. Don't worry. Your NPC allies aren't dumb as a back of rogs and typically they look after themselves.

The fact that 'Type-0' is a handheld remake should make you less surprised that the combat is so simple. You don't have a million menues to drift through and you don't have too much in the way of complication. Your primary attacks can be accessed via your face buttons while your summons can be pulled up in a side menu. Fighting goes quickly and it begins to feel a little bit like a sped up 'Pokemon' battle the more you get into things.

While 'Type-0' is definitely not the epic entry that most fans anticipated, it is still an interesting addition to the massive library of games that Square Enix can proudly stand beside. Still, this does not mean that the game is perfect. 'Type-0' definitely has its flaws and the longer we played the more aware of them we became. One of our biggest issues was how readily apparent it was that this was a handheld port.

The graphics for 'Final Fantasy' games has typically always been a step better than the console it was appearing on would demand. This is not the case for 'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD'. Being a handheld port we expected the game to look marginally worse than most other contemporary PS4 titles but we did not expect what we saw. The HD remaster of 'Type-0' looks relatively dull and lifeless. The characters on the screen are obviously low on polygons and their painted on skins are supposed to be carrying all of the extra detail. Background effects are tame and we didn't find ourselves feeling lost in a bigger universe. Rather, we felt boxed in. Still, the 2D introduction to the game was gorgeous and there are moments where 'Type-0' rises above its graphical limitations. They are few and far between, though, and we often found ourselves bored of the background experience on screen.

We also want to comment on how linear the game is, at least when compared to other modern roleplaying games. Perhaps this is due to the fact that it was designed for handheld gaming, 'Type-0' feels rather on the rails. There is no sense of exploration. No sense of grand adventure lurking around the corner. Rather than being a character in the universe, you are merely aware of the fact that you are at home on your couch. Not the kind of immersion that Square Enix has so pioneered.

The bulk of the issues we listed above would be forgivable if the game was priced at an appropriate level. Instead, 'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD' lands itself a full $60 price tag as a premium PS4 game. Knowing full well that this is a port, and limited at that, should mean that the price comes down. It doesn't, and the rating of the game will suffer for it.

We really enjoyed some aspects of 'Final Fantasy Type-0 HD on the PlayStation 4'. We loved the storyline, we fell in love with the characters, and we loved the fast paced action based combat. We didn't like how the graphics looked dull and we were upset by the high pricing.

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