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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is a direct sequel to its predecessor, the game continues the story of Cocoon and Pulse in a similar play style, while enhancing non-linear exploration and refining the battle system. More powerful Paradigm functions offer players greater tactical control in the back-and-forth of combat. Many iconic Final Fantasy monsters can be tamed to fight alongside the heroes. The sequel tells the story of Serah, the sister of the main character Lightning from the original Final Fantasy XIII. Three years after the city in the sky fell toward Pulse, a strange meteor throws Serah's peaceful village into deadly chaos.

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by Square Enix
Release Date: 21/04/2006

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Coming from Japanese companies, Square Enix and tri-Ace, Final Fantasy XIII - 2 is a direct sequel to Final Fantasy XIII - 1. It follows the efforts of a girl named Serah to gather a groups of fighters to rebuild on the planet, Gran Pulse. One of the characters who helped in FF - 1 was Lightening, Serah's sister, who has disappeared. Serah needs to find her and defeat the monsters who have overrun the town she lives in. A man no one knows called Noel appears to help her with her quest. Don't look for more than a casual relationship with reality in Final Fantasy XIII - 1 or 2. Things change in odd ways. Serah owns a bow which can change into a sword or her moogle companion Mog.

In Final Fantasy XIII - 1, everything is tranquil and boring on Cocoon, a perfect utopia without war, sin, or human imperfection. Mankind is kept in safety by the fal'Cie, a race of benevolent beings. Cocoon, at this point, would bore the pants off a clown. That's why the makers of the game introduce a hostile fal'Cie who comes from the lowerworld, Pulse, to create havoc (and interest) among the humans. The nasty fal'Cie brands some humans with a mark and makes some of them into servants who use magic to kill and destroy. The government considers every human with the mark to be a threat and wants them all done away with. The good guys defeat the bad guys and win.

FFXIII - 2 adds fast paced combat and a system for capturing monsters to use as members of the group in battle. It uses time-travel more than FFXIII - 1. The world of FFXIII - 2 contains regions separated by distance and time. It is possible to go into the same region at different times in history. A system called the Historia Crux controls travel and is available any time. Players move as though on a branching path rather than linearly. New regions can be unlocked by moving through points in the plot or by finding special items. Continuing with the branch system of the game, there are nine possible endings, determined by the choices of the characters and their game play.

Players can be Serah or Noel for the entire game. Lightening and a character named Sazh can be played temporarily. There is a guest character called Snow who is uncontrollable by the player and is, at times, an ally or a villain. The main antagonist is Caius Ballad, an immortal guardian who wants to destroy time to save another character named Yeul. Caius can change in Chaos Bahamut.

This is a delightfully pretty game. The characters are well drawn and empathetic. The scenery stuns with rich color and detail.

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