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14 March 2008

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In Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn, players join and build up their own rebel army in their quest to reclaim their rightful land. You build your army by selecting from dozens of pre-existing characters, each with their own unique skills and weaknesses. The main heroine of "Radiant Dawn" is Micaiah, a freedom fighter and member of the Dawn Brigade. She and her allies are trying to free Daein from the oppressive Begnion occupation. She isn't the only character you can control, however. The story is divided into four parts, with more layers of the plot unfolding to reveal dramatic intrigue as you progress.

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The Fire Emblem series is well known as a strategy role-playing game with a deep theme and great story line. The Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn attempts pitifully to follow this successful platform. For those who have never even played this game before or any of its predecessors, this is not the game to start with.

The Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn is a follow through sequel of Path to Radiance which successfully translated to a great game but the sequel, it is just plain terrible. I must admit that if I gave it the chance to develop on me it would have, eventually, but I did not want to play the game so I can have a great story line. I like action, suspense, strategy, challenges, not plots and stories.

There are four parts which all offer different points of views of the plot unfolding but there is not main character. The chapters, for one, each use different leaders and each chapter has its own set of challenges. Of course the goal is to get through the challenges and to survive each chapter. Each leader has their own story and every time there is a new chapter you need to shift your mindset and learn another character again. The challenge is to know all leaders and play each successfully but it is difficult to do as the soldiers under your care can easily get killed. So soldiers who are weak will result to a weak gameplay so completing the challenge will get worse and worse.

In short, I first found the challenges challenging but eventually I just got sick of it all. The gameplay is set to make you lose and the characters and soldiers which you need to use to get through the chapters are the very handicap which makes completion impossible.

I guess I expected a lot after the Fire Emblem which I absolutely loved but this sort of fell into a deep abyss without any light at the end. The whole Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn concept could have worked if the game only used the Wii system. I immediately saw that even if this is considered a Wii game, the developers absolutely ignored the system, making the game not only confusing but frustrating. It does not help that the handicap to the player is impossible to overcome. Newcomers to the game series would not even understand what is going on much else figure out how to play it. This is a game that not even the hardcore fans would like. Stick to the predecessor and hope for the best that the next version would be a sequel worthy of the franchise.

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