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14 March 2008

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6.6 / 10
I would not say that this is as exciting as a stealth game or a fantasy role playing game. But where it lacks in terms of killing and destroying, this game successfully educates the kids which ar...
by THQ
Release Date: 07/03/2008


Fish Tycoon is a fish-breeding sim with an entrepreneurial twist. Raise your fish in real-time virtual aquariums then crossbreed them however you see fit to create all-new, super unique breeds. Open your fish store and sell your fish to raise money for supplies, medicine, and special chemicals while researching new technologies or investing in advertising. Find the correct genetic combination needed to make each of the "Seven Magic Fish" and become the ultimate Fish Tycoon.

  • Extensive use of the Touch Screen: use it to breed and feed fish, administer medicine, make purchases, decorate tanks and much more.
  • Seven exclusive fish in the DS version including the Clown Fish and Blue Tang, yield nearly twice as many fish as the PC version--over 750 possible fish types. Mix and match your fish to create rare hybrids while searching for the genetic combination to each of the "Seven Magic Fish".
  • Simulated real-time experience brings potential surprises every time you turn the game on. Choose from 4 speed options to dictate how time passes in game: Paused, Speed, Normal Speed and Double Speed. Be sure to take regular care of your fish or watch all of your hard work get flushed down the drain.
  • Brand new 3D environments in the DS version bring your fish tanks to life. Buy fish tanks, decorations, plants, fish eggs, fish food, and medicine to enhance the aesthetic of your tank and attract more customers. A huge assortment of decorations make your tanks look nicer and help you sell more fish. Enhance your fish with special plant types and chemicals. Research environment, food and advertising techniques to discover how to keep your rare fish healthy, feed more fish per feeding and attract additional customers.
  • Use the Species Chart to track your breeding strategies.
  • Set your own prices for specific fish based on prior sales and present needs.
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