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19 September 2014

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Flockers on the PlayStation 4 is an entertaining game that never really hits that resonant note that we hoped for. The guys behind the game have made some wonderful stuff for the independent gaming scene so it is sort of sad that they don't really try to push the button with Flockers.

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'Flockers' on the PlayStation 4 is a puzzle video game developed and published by Team17 Software, the game was released on October 19th 2014.

'Flockers' is an A to B re-imagining of the classic puzzle game that was so popular in the late '80s and early '90s. Designed by Team17, the same team that developed the original Worms game, 'Flockers' is an experience that will leave many players feeling a little out of balance. The game is rudimentary in many ways: the color palette isn't refined, the gameplay elements look dated, and the sound isn't really that impressive. 'Flockers' is playable on the PS4, XB1 and the PC. So what really makes it so special? Why are so many people falling head over heels in love with his game?

'Flockers' showcases what made Team17's early entries into the gaming world so popular: a penchant for quirk and a whole lot of heart. The 'Flockers' game is more of a re-imagining to the game lemmings and it will inspire many of those classic gamers, used to 16 bit classics, to pick up their controller. 'Flockers' also has the honor of being Team17's first original production in over a decade. This is pretty big news coming from one of the most popular underground indie devs. While a new product on the shelf, 'Flockers' still ties in to some other famous franchises.

In 'Flockers' you are tasked with the mission of providing safety to your group of not so bright sheep. These sheep should be instantly recognizable for fans of the Worms franchise. They are, in fact, the same sheep that you send shooting out of cannons in the turn based game. When the game starts up your lovable, but stupid, sheep will be dropped into the level. Here they will commence chomping down on just about any food they can get to--regardless of the giant saw blades or deadly drops in the way. Here it is your time to shine and start to save them or else risk the abundance of gore that will surely greet you as your sheep plummet to their death, or get crushed.

The bones of the gameplay are pretty simple. You have basic orders that you employ in order to prevent your herd of sheep from wandering to their death. You can also kick in other techniques such as enabling jumping. This jumping ability will help your sheep hurdle big gaps in the level. 'Flockers' blends the sort of real time action of Worms with the methodical pacing of other popular puzzle games that are out on the market. Think of many of the most popular mobile apps, like Angry Birds, and you will get an idea as to what you are expected to do.

The way that most people will spend their time with 'Flockers' is in the campaign mode. Here you will find over 60 levels full of puzzles awaiting your determination in order to solve them. You'll have to use all of the tools that you continually earn as well as your new strategies in order to advance to the very end. If you are wondering what is at the end then you might as well keep wondering. A glance at the concept of the game should reveal that there is very little in the way of story to be curious about. You are here to solve puzzles and complete challenging tasks and any deeper investigation should be saved for other titles.

During its finest moment this side viewing strategy game has players seamlessly organizing a line of sheep-lemmings throughout the entire build of the level. In order to advance through the some 60+ levels players will have to work both upwards and outwards. There are hover spots, cape items and more that will keep the experience always gravitating toward the 'interesting'. In fact, it is pretty important that the gameplay makes sure to change things up at least semi frequently and it is due in large part to 'puzzle burnout'. Long sessions on 'Flockers' can end in boredom if things don't change enough.

While 'Flockers' on the PlayStation 4 is an entertaining game it never really hits that resonant note that we hoped for. The guys behind the game have made some wonderful stuff for the independent gaming scene so it is sort of sad that they don't really try to push the button with Flockers.

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Nov 2, 2014

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