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14 November 2008

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Football Manager on the PC is by far the best version of the series to date. It's got a well-developed gameplay, very original concept, stimulating sounds and very detailed graphics.

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This release of the series Football Manager came out in 2008 and is something that football fans at the time were waiting for. Unlike its predecessors which utilizes a 2D match engine system, Football Manager comes with an advanced 3D engine that is finely tuned for all the PC’s that we have now.

Also, if the previous version offered a sloppy and not so active game, you can be ensured to get a challenge with FM 2009 because all your opponents will be thinking a lot like a person. All your moves, styles will be anticipated by these computer players and will do everything they can to stop you from making that goal. So, if you’re pretty much into challenge then you’re on the right track. In addition, with all the improvements brought about by the 3D engine, you will now be able to decipher every move that your character make. All the animations and graphics of the game are all detailed – including the environment.

To start with the game, you will need to create your own character. Thanks to the advanced options brought about by the 3D engine, you will be able to customize your players every detail – from skin tone, eye and hair color, clothes, shoes, accessories, and a whole lot more. While on the game, you can move freely on this version rather than the previous ones. You can even witness every players legs pumping like the pistons of a car every time they sprint down towards a goal. Here, you will get to feel the game than just watching it.

The games interface is pretty much the same as the last version but all the features have been improved tremendously. In total, Football Manager is packed with detailed graphics and visuals – from your characters hair to the field environment, the AI’s are made more smarter and now harder to evade and lastly, this version is pretty much easier to control than its predecessors.

There is a new release which has come out recently which is an update on this game, i would suggest purchasing that over this game, at best this game is a 6.0, the new version may be better.

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