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30 October 2009

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Football Manager Handheld 2010 doesn't have a discernible storyline - it leaves that to your imagination. Whether you're a suited and booted motivator or a tracksuit wearing tactician and training regime tinkerer, it's your style of management and the highs and lows of your career that shape your footballing legacy. You can play up to 30 seasons of any of the world's major football leagues and either start at the bottom and work your way through the divisions, or you can go straight for a top club and start spending the huge transfer budget that usually comes with it.

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This is a game you will also find on the PSP and on a PC/Mac. Many football clubs are out to find new managerial talent in hidden places and as a new manager you will be delighted to guide and watch newly discovered talented players rising through the ranks and enhancing your clubs prospects. You will also be responsible for taking on the staff and all the other activities that come the way of a modern manager

You will however encounter faults from the start. While you work hard to manage your team, you will realize that it is difficult to hire new staff or even add players to the team or shift deals. This is not good for fans of Football Manager, we can say the game is however not fully complete. You will also not have a reserve team to substitute the players in case something goes wrong with the players in the field. There is however a reserve squad that is made up of players you cannot trust will play a good game. If you want to play the Football Manager in full in your laptop, you should install it.

The basic game is fun as much as it has some missing crucial features; it is not that bad to play on the move. In the game you can buy and sell players which add activity to the game. You can develop and watch the developed players in the game but this doesn’t feel as good. The game does not have a 3D match engine and watching your team playing is not thrilling and there is little excitement from it.

Graphically, the game is made on a giant spreadsheet and this is sincerely boring. You will find the menus quite hard to navigate initially, but when you get used to the game, you will know clearly where all the buttons are and for what function. The producer has made the game on a portable platform, but because of the flaws of the system, you cannot have that much freedom to do so on the game.

For those who do not mind just a basic Football game Football Manager Handheld 2010 is enough for them. However it cannot appease the diehard fans of Football. The game may well be good for first timers and for young children who may be getting the experience on football for the first time or trying to get used to the game and to learn the tricks used in the game.

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