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21 October 2012

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With Football Manager 2012 you are able to take charge of and manage every aspect your favourite football team and take them on to glory. True managerial skills and equally skilled decisions will be required in order to be successful. Your managerial mission is simply to be the most successful manager of the 2012 season.

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6.3 / 10
Football Manager on the PC is by far the best version of the series to date. It's got a well-developed gameplay, very original concept, stimulating sounds and very detailed graphics.
by Sega
Release Date: 14/11/2008

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Football Manager 2012 is the premier football management game available both for the Mac and PC. This is a game that has been running for more than ten years. It used to be under the Championship Manager wing and is now Football Manager for the past few years. Football Manager 2012 is the newest version of the game and there have been some big changes, along with the typical tweaks to the interface and structure.


Regular Football Manager Experience - This is the game just like it has always been. There is the full experience where you can choose the leagues you want, how many players you want in the database, and which team you want to control. Then, you can handle the team completely. The decisions you make reflect transfers, which players you sell or offer new contracts to, what your staff is, how the players train, and how they line up for the games. It is all about getting your tactics right.

Then in the match interface you can watch your team in action and make changes during the game. These substitutions, tactical changes, and motivational talks with your team are all about how you get your message across. You can play in almost any league around the world, even the lowest divisions that exist.

New Football Manager Mode - This manager mode is more streamlined. It is a lot simpler and not all of the decisions fall on you. A lot of the club's situations are taken care of by your assistant or other staff members. It allows the game to run a lot faster and a season can be finished in much quicker time. This is also a good thing for beginners who want to get used to the game but are not ready to tackle the full complexity of the game.

Added features/tweaks:

There have been many changes to the game over the years. Most of these changes have been positive and they just make the experience more realistic. There are many different ways to talk to your team pre match, during half time and post match. Now you can even speak to specific areas of the team (defense, midfield, attack) separately. Just remember that with more options there is more of a chance to say something incorrect that the players will not appreciate.

Transfers have been altered slightly and the fees that clubs demand/accept are more realistic. It no longer takes 50 or 60 million pounds to buy a player, it is more in line with how it is in the true transfer market. Interaction with the media is also improved. There are more questions and more interesting ones that are asked and your responses are also varied and there are plenty of options to choose from.

This is an incredible game for someone who is a fan of football/soccer. The key is that you get to make all the decisions that a manager would in real life and it can all be done from the comfort of your laptop.

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