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02 November 2012


In Football Manager 2013 you can take on all the tasks of a manager right down to the last detail without suffering the ulcer making stresses involved. Pick your team, deal with the predatory press wolves and temperamental prima donna players, give out and take backhanders and all the rest of the wheeler dealing that goes on at all levels of the game. See the results of your efforts from the sideline as you determine team tactics in one of the most realistic game models around.


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If you are a fan of the beautiful game, then you will be a fan of Football Manager 2013 on the PC. This is a football/soccer simulation management game that has been around for longer than a decade. The game centers around the ability of the player to control a club or international team anywhere in the world with the utmost detail. We will look at the various game modes and what this game has to offer compared to previous versions.

Game Modes:

Traditional Football Manager Experience:

This is the game as we have known it for the past few years. Every detail is there and you can control a club as much as you want. When you think of control, it means everything from the staff, the finances, what players are bought and sold, how the team trains, and what strategies are used during the games.

All of these elements can be controlled and the game can be viewed through the 3D match engine. This engine is where Sports Interactive have done great work in the past 5 years. This game has gone from having an engine where circles were used as the players to having real simulation that is almost as realistic as football video games.

The game can theoretically go on forever, particularly as each year is very time consuming and takes a while to complete. There are players who have the game going until the year 2050 and onward. At this point, players will generate on a random basis around the world. These "regens" will make up the game when every current player has retired.

Streamlined Football Manager Experience:

This is for the person who does not have a lot of time, or is new to the Football Manager series. The streamlined version allows for the game to be played at a much faster pace. A season can be done in the third of a time that the regular game would take. This is because more details are automated and you just have a few decisions to make. This is a good version of the game, but it is definitely not what die hard FM fans will be playing.

Improvements Since FM 2012:

The game has gone leaps and bounds this year, especially in the interface. It is all new and it is a lot easier to navigate through. Tactics are more detailed, as are the instructions that are given in game and at half time. Transfers have also been overhauled and the fees associated are more realistic. The wages that players demand are slightly less absurd than 2012, but they are still rather high.

Overall Impression:

This is definitely not an easy game to play, particularly the regular version. It is detail oriented and demands a lot of time be given to it. For fans of football, this game is heaven. It can keep you busy for hours at a time. For casual fans, the new streamlined game mode will be a true blessing.

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