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05 June 2009

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Fuel is an off-road racing game of grand scale and open-ended attitude. The racing takes place on and off 100,000 miles of track, in a 5,000 square mile area that comprises deserts, forests, and a hodge-podge of natural landmarks of the western U.S., including Mt. Rainier, Crater Lake, the Bonneville Salt Flats, and the Grand Canyon. Players are free to explore the area as they wish, in one of the game's many two- or four-wheeled off-road vehicles. Different vehicles have different strengths and weakness in different types of terrain. Fuel is set in an alternate reality, in which whole regions of the world have been ravaged by climate change. Speed junkies now race through the abandoned wastelands, with scarce and valuable fuel as the ultimate prize.

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The game’s premise is that it is a racing event open to the world which will let the player discover miles of forests, deserts and snows. When driving along, you will soon discover vehicles that have run-down and in turn will provide you with paint jobs, points of vistas for you to see and many more. Once you have earned stars, you will be able to uncover camps spread globally which highlight races and challenges.

One of the largest issues the game has to tackle is that even if the world is big, it certainly is monotonous. There is nothing much to see aside from the mountaintops that are snowy and forests that are filled with trees. Driving from one place to another will take so much time, yet, the reward you will get is just trivial and not worthy of your valuable time. The enormity of the world is actually lost in real events because you are not required to maneuver to any of these but instead, you can just select from a list.

When the player is already in the race, there are numerous issues to handle. First and foremost, the Al is very cheap, silly and badly implemented. This will make stupid decisions like trying to go up a hill when in fact, it cannot. The basic mechanics in racing will not make up for the flaws of the game. Controls are somewhat loose and the vehicles will slide all-around more than you would them to be. Another thing about the races is that despite the fact that it is a bike race, you do not have the chance to select from the vehicles you possess in that particular class. There are vehicles that are more superior in racing off the road compared to the others. This in some circumstances will permit you to intersect land and omit the roads.

Rather than installing rails along the roads or creating a race design in such a way that the exterior terrain is deceiving, the game will just restrain the player to the vehicles which are not good in off the road races. In terms of the presentation, the map is perforated with issues in design and a lot of the things to be discovered are senseless despite the ample time provided to them. With respect to the Fuel’s graphics, appearance in a distance is good, nonetheless, when you get closer you will see many pop-ins and some unrefined textures.

On the other hand, the sound quality is substandard as well. The screeches made by tires are similar to the aliens screaming and also the engines are nothing but ordinary. Meanwhile, the racing elements of Fuel are alright but since it is loaded with a lot of concerns, fun is no longer apparent. In terms of the lasting appeal, collecting everything is simply bland and will take a long time.

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Feb 15, 2014

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