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10 February 2006

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Full Auto combines fully-automatic, weapon-equipped vehicles with highly detailed and interactive urban environments. In the near future, the city of Staunton is held hostage by a mysterious group known only as The Shepherds. As a retired driver, you are coerced by the Shepherds into a series of lethal street races, where the cost is of competing is far greater than anyone ever expected. No pre-calculated or canned animations. Players will never see the same wreck twice. Within your arsenal players will be able to employ the use of Unwreck, an ingenious new feature that allows players to rewind short periods of time. Botch a turn? Correct it. Miss a shortcut? Go back and fix it, even under heavy fire.

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The career mode of the game is only one of the modes that this game has to offer. In this mode, you’ll gain the opportunities to unlock different cars and weapons as you go along through the different races. Races generally play about the same on different tracks, though mission objectives might be slightly different than just winning the race.

How you get to the finish line first is one the best parts about this game. Weapons generally come in sets of two, one for the front and one for the back. As you play through races, you’ll come across weapon upgrades that will upgrade or switch both weapons systems on your vehicle. In addition to a bunch of guns, you can slide through turns to charge a boost meter. One of the best features, though, is unwrecking.

The unwreck capability is something that racing games have needed for a long time. It allows players to move backward in time a little bit, to right before you messed up. That capability brings a lot of new enjoyment to the racing portion, letting you focus a little bit more on shooting and less on what bad thing could happen around that corner. As the levels and the races continue, though, the skill isn’t really necessary, since you’ll know what the track is like, but it does help keep tracks from having a devastating learning curve early on.

There are a bunch of different types of races in this game. There is the normal lap-type race, but there are also races from point A to point B, races where the last car in each round is removed from contention, races that give you targets to take out as you drive through the map, and races that have you drive to a point, turn around, and race back to your starting point. All told, the game gives a lot of different types of races to participate in as you go through it, which is nice and provides continual refreshment and change.

There is also multiplayer in this title, either split-screen, or online. The difference between offline and online play is the unwreck capability, which doesn’t exist in online multiplayer, but if you’ve spent any time at all learning the maps, then you shouldn’t really need it anyway.

Even though Full Auto doesn’t always look the prettiest, there is a lot of game to be enjoyed here. If you’re a fan of racing, and blowing things up, you might want to give the game a look.

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