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14 September 2007

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Generation of Chaos on the PSP takes you into a fantasy world for incredible role-playing action. Enter a strange new world where magic and legends mix and the political future of your land in uncertain. Take up a sword or the magic arts, then use your skills to defend and expand your kingdom. In the ancient history of Dravania, Gods and Dragons went to war. The Dragons won, and the Gods were extinct; in their fear, the mortals began to revere the Dragons. After a revolution leaves the country in ruins, a new leader emerges. He leads Dravania out of the ashes and into war, as the people restore peace and prosperity to an ancient land called the Lost Grounds. Will you help Dravania conquer the surrounding lands destroying enemies as you go? Or will you play as one of the other nine kingdoms in their bid to win regional control?

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The game world is a place called Lost Grounds. This is essentially a huge battlefield where ten kingdoms fight to gain superiority. You get to play as either of two different kingdoms to start, and by completing their campaigns you’ll gain access to the other kingdoms, eventually being able to command any of the ten. The campaigns are broken down into chapters that have cutscenes between them. The cutscenes tell the story of the realm, but doesn’t give enough context for you to care about the characters. Fortunately, the draw for this game isn’t in the story, but in the gameplay.

The game indicates the objective each time you enter a new chapter. The objectives are shown on a large map that is filled with town, castles, forts, and other structures. These structures, along with the ground between them, can be captured and occupied by you, and certain places, like towns, can increase the amount of money you receive each turn. The objective is to expand as much as possible while still being able to protect your land from the opposition. There are also lots of improvements that can be done in the area you already own, like investing in the markets for your kingdom, or building new structures. Players get to perform up to five actions per turn, which is also limited by the amount of gold that the kingdom has available.

Combat comes along when you move your units into squares that have enemy units in them. Then, the game switches from the turn-based control of the kingdom to the real-time strategy of combat. Commanding officers of your units have a number of subordinates in their armies, and you can give orders to those officers to direct the action during battle. These orders range from kill everything to target the enemy commander, allowing you a lot of different strategies for each individual battle. These strategies are enhanced by the different spells and skills that can be unleashed by your units, as well as the super moves that are able to be pulled off by your commanders. These moves can turn the tide of battle, and are powered from a gauge that increases as you do damage, lose units, and take damage.

The game’s enormous learning curve is mostly based on the different menus that give you capabilities during the turn-based portion of the game, and one of the reasons it is so difficult is the lack of explanations. Menu items are often shortened words, and there is no explanation of what the item does, in a lot of cases, so players that want to give it a shot should have an online forum or a guidebook before they start playing. Not many games these days bring so many new gameplay elements to the table as Generation of Chaos does, and few that do bring new elements do it so well. This one is worth overcoming the learning curve to play.

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