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17 October 2008

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With Golden Axe: Beast Rider, it will be far more enjoyable to hark back to that earlier game for real, and let this one sit on the shelf.

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One of the things that you’ll find in this action title is that there isn’t a whole lot you can do. Sure, you have a weapon, but with only two attack buttons, you are stuck with an extremely short list of possible attacks that you can bring to the table. You do get to kick out at your opponent, but that’s about the only thing that’s not a slash, a thrust, or a slice.

While the attack system is certainly lacking in capabilities, at least the different moves, all five-or-so of them, are possible, even easy to pull off. The defensive moves, however, will have you pulling your hair out if you end up sticking with this game past the tutorial. There are two defensive moves, a parry and a dodge. The dodge, which you press when the enemy has an attack that is glowing orange, allows you to move out of the way pretty much how you’d expect, allowing you to then throw a counterattack in there. The parry button, which you’re supposed to push when the enemy’s attack glows blue, works entirely differently.

Instead of immediately parrying the incoming attack, your character holds her sword up for a moment, before dropping it back down. Your character doesn’t maintain the block until the attack comes; she drops it immediately if the attack is not right there, allowing her to be hit when it does show up. The only way to avoid this is to perfectly time your parry. You’ll get some practice doing it in the tutorial mode, but if you get up and walk away right then, well, you wouldn’t be the first. It’s excruciatingly difficult to get down, which is not the only painful thing about the game, unfortunately, either.

As you play through a map and start battling enemies, you’ll realize that there are only a few onscreen at any given time, but the total number you’ll be fighting is much, much higher. As you kill them, others will spawn around the map. Sometimes, they’ll start shooting at you from an area you already cleared. Being shot in the back is always a fun time, and here is no exception. It’s so fun it’ll make you want to go clean your room for some real enjoyment.

There is a portion of the game that allows you to ride beasts, as the name might suggest. This, however, is implemented poorly. The beasts are difficult to control and have tiny attack radiuses, resulting in you just wishing you could hop off and fight normally. And yet, these are probably the best part about the game.

Some games that are new versions of old releases hearken back to those earlier times. With Golden Axe: Beast Rider, it will be far more enjoyable to hearken back to that earlier game for real, and let this one sit on the shelf.

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