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05 November 2010

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GoldenEye 007 is a high-resolution remake and rerelease of the classic Nintendo 64 game, the player takes control of James Bond, who is voiced by Daniel Craig. Users attempt to thwart the theft of a space-based laser to snatch it from the hands of evildoers who would use it to attack targets all over the world. To do this, the gamer must navigate through various levels, eliminate or incapacitate enemies, and solve different puzzles. The action in each level has a fast pace, with Bond needing to defend himself from an assortment of threats and take out enemies that could come at him from anywhere.

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Goldeneye 007 for the Wii brings back a familiar name among gamers who are old enough to remember the n64 era. The original Golden eye that made its debut on the Nintendo 64 so many years ago set the foundation for modern day first person shooters. Seldom has a game captured the same feel as people claim the original Goldeneye game did, but Goldeneye 007 Wii developer Eurocom was prepared not to just recreate the game, but to give us what is to all intents and purposes an entirely new and even better game than the original.

From the beginning of the game until the end the game stays true to the James Bond style of action. In the campaign we are given the option to play it with stealth, to play it more like Rambo, or to combine the two and get the best of both worlds. Happily, these game styles flow so well thanks to how Eurocom created the game to react with the Wii controls. It is sharp and crisp and flows incredibly well, and could easily be the best shooter game for the Wii so far. The story isn't just a clone of the original game either, Eurocom wanted people to know that this game wasn't just a copy of the original just to grab some extra cash, instead they sculpted the game in a much more modern presentation from little details like weaponry to more notable ones like Daniel Craig taking over and also voicing his own character. The story is more on par with the movie Goldeneye than the original game, and parts of it are simply a masterpiece of visionary storytelling produced specially for the game. It is fresh, it is new, and it is set to become a classic, just like the original! There are a few times where game play gets a bit glitchy, mostly because this game was created at a level that feels a bit much for the Wii; however these moments are few and far between and not noticeable enough to damage the enjoyment.

Something new that the N64 simply couldn't do is the online multiplayer play. This was a concern for many fans but it has turned out to be borderline excellent. Several modes are team based and yet again provide the best of the Bond feel, and some are just simple fun. Plenty of maps and character choices keep the player occupied and having fun, while nearly flawless game play helps it feel almost too smooth for the Wii. Disappointingly, however, Eurocom did opt to keep voice chat out of the multiplayer experience, which is a huge bummer. The only other gripe is that certain multiplayer details feel like a Call of Duty clone, and that doesn't excite me.

Overall, no spies are needed to decrypt how amazing this game is. Eurocom delivered a fresh take on a classic, with just enough gadgets that it may even be better than the original. It is easy to get lost in the fun, and at the end of the day feels so authentic that you truly feel like "Bond, James Bond"!

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