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04 November 2011

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GoldenEye 007: Reloaded makes its debut as a reimagined version of 1995's film. Featuring a slightly altered storyline written by screenwriter Bruce Feirstein, GoldenEye 007 adds completely new levels, alternate locales, destructible environments, high-definition visuals, and even a new Bond: the original film's Pierce Brosnan is replaced by the likeness and voice of Daniel Craig. Bond will be able to use over 25 different weapons in the game, from assault rifles and rocket launchers to proximity mines and smoke grenades. Up to 16 players can compete online and in addition to the multiplayer component and single-player campaign, GoldenEye 007: Reloaded includes 11 "Mi6 Ops Missions" that require you to complete assault, elimination, stealth, and defense objectives.

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Goldeneye Reloaded is the long awaited and often dreamed about sequel to Goldeneye for N64. I remember being able to play that game for hours. It's graphics were top of the line (at that time). It's controls were perfect. It's multi-player mode could keep any group of people staring at the screen for hours on end. When I heard another Goldeneye was coming out I thought there was going to be thousands of people lining out through the doors to get a copy. Despite Goldeneye 64 being considered one of the best games ever made, this game didn't muster up the following that you'd expect. That led me into thinking that it would be a bit of a let down. Well, I was proven mostly wrong. It may not have the same magic as the original but it's still one of the better shooter games available.

For me, this game could have been a complete clone of the original with updated graphics and I would have still bought it but they actually took the time to create a completely new storyline to follow along with. It was a story mode worth finishing. While the story seemed to move a little too fast for my personal tastes, it was definitely gripping. The game play was comparable to the original. The controls were almost as natural as the original. I did find not having a Z trigger a bit frustrating as I tried to connect with the old version I loved but those that haven't played the original shouldn't have any
problems with that.

The graphics were good but not mind-blowing. The original Goldeneye could keep me mesmerized based on the advances it was using in its graphics. Goldeneye Reloaded isn't breaking any ground in the graphics department. The graphics are not a detriment but they don't give it any bonus points either. The sound on the other hand was pretty impressive. The music kept me compelled and the voice acting was great. The sound was definitely a step up on the original.

But... no Goldeneye review would be complete without its multi-player mode being thoroughly tested. And in this case... I mean thoroughly. Hours were spent playing its multiplayer for all the right reasons. It holds onto the classic feel while still incorporating a number of new and exciting elements. Unfortunately, it does absolutely nothing new for the genre as a whole. Honestly, compared to some other modern shooting games it's not that impressive but it definitely lives up to the fun the original Goldeneye provided.

On N64 Goldeneye was an innovation. Goldeneye Reloaded is not an innovation. It's just a really good game. For anyone that loved the original, this is a great chance to get a little bonus addition in your memories. Looking into how the shooting genre has developed since the original, this game isn't the best out there but it can keep you entertained and excited for hours on end like the original. Goldeneye Reloaded had big shoes to fill and it did the job in every department but innovation.

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