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Your primary goal in 'Grand Theft Auto Online' will be to make money so you can afford to live better. You start off with a dingy apartment but you can upgrade it as you make more cash. End up in a highrise with a nice garage to store all of your cars.

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Release Date: 18/11/2014

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'Grand Theft Auto Online' for the PlayStation 4 made its way to the next generation of consoles this past year where it was premiered on both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4. While both consoles have pros and cons about them, we decided to grab up the game for the PlayStation 4. Developed by Rockstar Games, 'Grand Theft Auto Online' seeks to continue pushing the limit that the studio seems so intent on annihilating. Rockstar Games is known for never shying away from what they believe is funny or entertaining. In fact, the company pushed the boundaries so far that they've essentially created a genre of video game: the sandbox city. 'Grand Theft Auto Online' naturally evolves the many concepts that the team has been developing for the past couple of decades and we found 'Grand Theft Auto Online' to be the pinnacle in their creative evolution.

Los Antos isn't the sort of suburb that you would want to move your family to. The place has never been considered safe and 'GTA Online' makes it less safe than ever. Full of criminal violence, drugs, and online gamers ready to wreak havoc, Los Santos has quickly turned into a warzone. And that is, perhaps, why the game works out so well. When you are in a sandbox game with a city like Los Santos, everything should appear to be an opportunity to push ahead. It is why the game succeeds.

The Xbox One has strongly been rallying around shared online multiplayer experiences. Their desire to incorporate online play, presumably to funnel customers through the Xbox Live system, has been made evident by the titles being given big market pushes. 'Evolve' and 'Titanfall' are two action packed online multiplayer games and now 'Grand Theft Auto Online' has joined them.

When it comes to generational ports, from the PlayStation 3 to the PlayStation 4, there is always that fear that we are just getting ripped off. How can the game be dramatically improved enough to warrant a new purchase on a new console? These are fair questions, and ones we hope to be able to answer. Right off the bat we can say that server issues, which were so problematic on last generations release, seem to have been fixed.

Los Santos itself is as big as ever and the sandbox is ready to be sculpted. The open world of the coastal town is as beautiful and fully developed as we could want it to be. You can ride the coast, go to the ocean, get lost in suburbia, or start some trouble in the ghetto. See those mountains on the skyline? Head that direction and you'll find the wealthy mansions of the rich and famous, as well as a beautiful overlook that lets you survey your potential domain. It is pretty intoxicating being able to travel this far and wide in a game that doesn't seem to give you too much direction. There is a ton of incentive here to just goof off, but being focused could put you on to the path of riches.

When you first load 'Grand Theft Auto Online' you will be confronted by a character creator. Here you have your chance to create a character that embodies exactly what you want out of the game. Looking online you can find templates to recreate famous people or fictional characters. The system is so flexible that you will probably spend too much time developing your character. But do take your time, because you will eventually gain a reputation in the game via the other players so why not make it a cool one?

Once your character has been completed you are randomly spawned into the city of Los Santos. No welcome tutorial. No hand holding. You are in the city. You are broke. You are a target to anyone that may want to kill you. It's pretty scary having that much freedom, so don't get paralyzed and certainly don't waste it. Get on the move and start developing your empire.

One of the biggest accomplishments that the PS4 port made was the ability to host more players on a single server. Now you can have up to 30 players in the game with you. If you get a full server full of people get prepared for some insanity. It is likely that things are about to get hectic, quick. Creative violence all over the streets isn't something to flinch away from. Just make sure that you don't get caught in it. Perhaps take time to form a clan or get a bodyguard. Or if you are particularly good at fighting, become a hitman for hire.

One of our favorite new additions to the game is the ability to drop into first person mode. First person mode isn't for everybody but it is something we definitely enjoyed. In this mode you step into the head of your character rather than looking over the shoulder like in the rest of the series. This mode allows you to immerse yourself more fully in the game but it definitely takes away a few advantages that the other camera mode offer. Still, this feature isn't something to be shrugged off. Rockstar had to program hundreds of animations in order to make it happen.

Your primary goal in 'Grand Theft Auto Online' will be to make money so you can afford to live better. You start off with a dingy apartment but you can upgrade it as you make more cash. End up in a highrise with a nice garage to store all of your cars. You don't want to leave those babies on the street, not when some 14 year old kid is intent on killing you for the fun of it.

'Grand Theft Auto Online' for the PlayStation 4 is a great game thanks to how open it leaves you to experience it. There is no handholding. There is no 'follow the leader'. There is only Los Santos and you and whatever you decide to do with those two things.

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