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17 September 2013

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In Grand Theft Auto V, players take on the roles of Michael, a retired bank robber dealing with his dysfunctional family. The developers at Rockstar North placed a great deal of emphasis on improving all aspects of gameplay in Grand Theft Auto V, particularly with regard to combat and driving. They have streamlined weapon management and targeting to make gun battles more fluid and enjoyable, while vehicle physics have been refined to make driving sequences feel more like a racing game.

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Now Grand Theft Auto V is here I expect many gamers are asking if they should go out and get it. Well, lets cover some of the main point and let the gamer decide if this would be a good game to spend their money on. Having taken over five years to create, this is the best version of Grand Theft Auto V that you will ever play. The game offers a detailed and highly complex world that leaves you feeling like you live inside it.

Lets Meet The Three Stooges!

There are three main characters in this game and to make it more interesting you will be able to play as any of these three, something that has never been done before with a Grand Theft Auto game. The first character is called Michael and he is a rich, but now retired conman. However, his family hates him. The second character goes by the name of Franklin and he is the stereotypical gang banger from Los Angeles. The third and probably most interesting character is a psycho named Trevor. This is the guy that Rockstar created so that they could have a crazy guy outlet. Trevor runs around in his underwear murdering chaotically, and although some people might find him to be annoying at first, once you have played a few missions with him he starts to grow on you. He also offers some of the most memorable and interesting missions.

What Is Different About This Game?

There are a few things about this game that make it different from the previous installments. One of these is the handling of vehicles which is much better than before and does not give the feeling that your wheels are made of butter. Another thing is that this game allows you to operate from multiple approaches, so there is more than one way to solve a mission. You can go in guns a blazing, or you can adopt a more intense and stealthy approach. By the way, Grand Theft Auto V has finally incorporated checkpoints into their game with the result that there is no more having to repeat the long and tedious aspects of missions, a repetition that used to leave players frustrated and annoyed.

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

No, not the type that you eat! We're talking issues with the game here. Overall, there were only a few minor bugs that came up while playing. Grand Theft Auto V is surprisingly well designed, and it pushes the limits of what the PS3 and the Xbox 360 can reasonably accomplish. We need more games that push the boundaries like this. The graphics are breathtaking and the gameplay is marvelous. Overall, with Grand Theft Auto V, you will be able to clock up around 35 hours of gameplay with the basic storyline. However, there is a whole world that has been left virtually unexplored. Realistically, you could put a lot more time into this game just running and gunning.

Grand Theft Auto V is the type of revolutionary game that pushes the limits of what is possible on the consoles. So gamers need look no further if they are looking for endless amounts of fun and action as there is so much that you can do while playing.

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