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Guitar Hero III Legends of Rock Wii cheat codes.

Various codes:-
Go to "options" and then go to "cheats." Now, cheats are entered completely differently in the
third installment. You now have to strum with the frets on just like normal playing! Two or
more notes in parentheses indicate a chord.

G=Green, R=Red, Y=Yellow, B=Blue, O=Orange

]b]Codes and their effects:-[/b]

Air Guitar (BY) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB) (RY) (RY) (BY) (GY) (GY) (RB) (RB)
(RY) (RY) (GY) (GY) (RY) (RY)
Easy Expert (does not work in Career mode) (GR) (GY) (YB) (RB) (BO) (YO) (RY) (RB)
No Fail (does not work in career mode) (GR) B (GR) (GY) B (GY) (RY) O (RY) (GY) Y (GY) (GR)
Performance Mode (RY) (RB) (RO) (RB) (RY) (GB) (RY) (RB)
Precision Mode (GR) (GR) (GR) (RY) (RY) (RB) (RB) (YB) (YO) (YO) (GR) (GR)
(GR) (RY) (RY)
(RB) (RB) (YB) (YO) (YO)
Unlock all songs in Quick Play (YO) (RB) (RO) (GB) (RY) (YO) (RY) (RB) (GY) (GY) (YB)
(YB) (YO) (YO)
(YB) Y R (RY) R Y O

Unlock Everything (no sound plays when you enter these chords) (GRBO) (GRYB) (GRYO) (GYBO) (GRYB) (RYBO)