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23 November 2007

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Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock is back with the first in the series not to be developed by Guitar Hero creators Harmonix (they’ve been bought by MTV to make Rock Band). With Tony Hawk’s developer Neversoft taking over the basics are nevertheless still the same as you use the series signature guitar shaped controller to play along to a greatest hits line-up of rock classics. The new wireless controllers for this version are based on a Gibson Les Paul (or a Kramer for the PS2 version) and even have customisable faceplates and a removable neck for easy storage.

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Guitar Hero III will have no difficulty in climbing up the popularity level as its first two versions are already famous among gamers. Does Guitar Hero even need an introduction. My hopes were very high for this game. This version has just reinvented and put together all the good points in the first two versions. So, you can expect a lot of better features for this game. This review of the third edition of the Guitar Hero will give you an idea of this game’s basic features and how the game goes.

I love the tracks in this game, seriously badass! Especially, Black Magic Woman, which is my fav. Don't worry it is not just the same old same old. It even has some good punk songs, such as Anarchy in the UK. There is even some badass metal in the game such as Iron Maiden.

Guitar Hero III is just like the second version of Guitar Hero wherein you are given a fake guitar and will have you strum to match with the colored notes that go down your screen. This game features the colored notes that you will be following to make beautiful music using your guitar. This is just similar to the other Guitar Hero versions.

Guitar Hero fans are surely looking for variety or something new to this third offering. Well, this game has a better challenge for gamers indeed. The level of difficulty has increased; therefore, expect more difficult songs to play this time. Under the category of easy songs, the songs are not as easy as you think. You may have a difficult time in perfecting your score in this round. So expect to have extreme challenge in the medium and hard songs. You may not even be able to finish the song list in the hard songs round. Shit, I still can't and I am a pro! This is how tough this game has become, which is a lot better especially for those who have already played the first two versions of Guitar Hero.

Being able to play much harder songs is truly a challenge for many gamers. This makes this game more interesting and exciting to play. Here are some of the songs are One by Metallica, Sunshine of Your Love by Cream and Stricken by Disturbed (sorry forgot to mention these at the top of my review). Everybody knows that rock songs are hard to follow especially when using a fake guitar. And this game has tons of rock songs for you to play.

In addition, you will also get to play the Boss Battles which is also a fun and exciting segment of the game. With all the other additions, this game has become a total entertainment for gamers. I really do like it! The graphics are very well presented. The audio is expectedly awesome. I mean what kind of audio based game would it be without badass audio! The game was properly presented and the change in the difficulty level has made the game a lot better than the other two versions.

All in all, Guitar Hero III has come out more playable and enjoyable than its other two versions. It has given gamers the enjoyment that they have always wanted from a game song like this. This is the best Guitar Hero so far and I would rate it 10/10.

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