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11 September 2009

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In Guitar Hero 5, the entire set list is at players’ finger tips from the start, featuring genre-defining hits from some of the biggest rock artists and bands of all time, including The Rolling Stones, The White Stripes, Kings of Leon, Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Santana and Vampire Weekend. Players take complete control as Guitar Hero 5 allows gamers to personalize and customize how they experience music by being able to play with any in-game instrument combination including multiple vocalists, guitarists, bassists and drummers, in any game mode. 

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Guitar Hero 5 is on the Wii, so you rock, drop and play, it is a pretty cool game for either single or a group of players. In multiplayer mode, you work as a band team which will be a door for star power quality and finally stardom. Each player mode has the chance to shine in the stage, be a star and strum the strings like a master.

Guitar Hero 5 advances its way on audio, visual, graphics and song quality features. It has automatic logins to surf online for continuous connection with game buddies and maintain your music updates. There are no codes for friend connection in Wii, so it is easy to connect with all your friend’s systems and rock out. It contains high memory capacity SD cards for huge gamer data storage.

You will enjoy every mode of the game even the party play mode. Group play will surely be fantastic when playing with other players. You can all jam, party and play all over the level. There is a team work built in each of you, since all of you must be alert in switching controls during the difficult part. There is no problems either if one of your buddies stops playing. The beer button is responsible for continuous play even if you lack players. If all the team needs to walk out, you can all switch controller down for auto play and soon you can switch back but then it will produce cracking sounds ones you do this from what if found.

The entire song lists in Guitar hero 5 is music for all timers. The fine guitar strums are pleasing in all ears. So, there is no question if many are playing it. Even there are some lacking features in GH5 that other guitar game has, it really one of a kind.

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