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19 February 2010

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Guitar Hero: Van Halen lets you stand in the shoes of this Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band as you perform 25 epic Van Halen tracks, three signature Eddie Van Halen solos and 19 guest act tracks. Get the crowd roaring with your arena rock stylings on Van Halen hits like Jump, Hot for Teacher, Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love and Dance the Night Away, as well as songs like Billy Idol's White Wedding, Foo Fighters' Best of You and Blink-182's First Date. Experience the excitement of playing as this ultimate party band as you rock out to dozens of enduring hits and prove you have the talent and the style to live up to the Van Halen legend.

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Guitar Hero has had many versions released over the course of a few years. I mostly enjoyed the Guitar Hero series featuring Aerosmith and Metallica. Unfortunately, this new one, if you’re not a major fan of Van Halen, doesn’t look like it can make you leap for joy nor make you want to relish playing it. Unlike Metallica and Aerosmith whose music have evolved through the millennium years making them more relatable to the younger generations of today; Eddie Van Halen made his name during the 1980’s as a virtuoso guitar performer along with the on-stage antics of David Lee Roth but sadly, he didn’t make it beyond the 1980’s.

You may still be a major fan of Van Halen and would want to buy this game to relive the heyday of the band; one could understand that. You might be thinking that with the 45 songs featured in the game, you you’d be rocking it with a full Van Halen catalogue. That’s not really the case here, so brace yourself for a huge disappointment. Nearly half of the songs in the roster are not even from Van Halen. Would Blink 182, Fountains of Wayne, Lenny Kravitz, or Jimmy Eat World mean anything to a Van Halen fan? Talk about a big letdown; but the worse is yet to come.

Guitar Hero is about living the life of a rock star, so you would normally think you get to experience climbing your way to the top and performing on stage and at gigs. Unfortunately, you don’t get to play at classic Van Halen venues or perform at any gigs or follow their rise to stardom. You just work your way through a list of tunes that could earn you some stars. To make matters worse, in order to actually experience the real Van Halen in the game, you’d have to work your way to the end of the Career mode to meet him, which can be a bit tedious for avid fans. And even then, you’d only be met with more disappointments, with the band looking aged and downright depressing. The band doesn’t even perform stage antics, which was actually what made them famous. They just perform there looking so dry and uninterested.

Career mode is quite misleading in that there really is no career here. There are no song challenges or interesting gigs. There are no behind-the-scenes videos or interviews with the band unlike in Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and Metallica. There isn’t even a support for downloadable content other than the GH Studio Tunes, and sadly, not even party play mode.

To end in a positive note, the Van Halen songs featured in the roster can still provide fun. The last set of tunes may even be challenging to some, except perhaps for the pros. If for nothing else, the number of songs is enough to fill up the entire game. If you are truly a Van Halen fan and could care less about all the technicalities of the game, then by all means, buy this game for your gaming pleasure.

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