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03 December 2010

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Harvest Moon: Animal Parade adds some RPG convention to its tried-and-true farming gameplay, and for some extra spice it even brings the circus to town. It seems the divine tree that stood for years in the Harvest Goddess' pond is dying, and as a result the five bells have lost their power, and all the animals are leaving. Only gamers can bring the tree back to life by ringing the five bells and going on a quest to find the Harvest King. But when the circus rolls into town, and a number of the exotic animals escape, players must put their quest on hold in order to restore tranquility to the village

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I grew up with Natsume's simulated farming experience so I am not a total strange to the Harvest Moon franchise. This is a game where simulated farming is fun, challenging and engrossing, just as a real farm is or should be.

The players need to look after their farm and everything involved in it like the crops and the animals. The characters can also interrelate with the local population and have a chance to develop their farm on a personal level. No, this is no Farmtown where all one needs to do is harvest and plant inanely. This is hard work, guys!

The gamer starts off by selecting their avatar, a boy or a girl and then they begin their lives as farmers, starting from scratch and fighting their way up to become successful. The ranch is the home of the avatars and this is where all the farming activities are to be handled.

Now, I must warn the readers, this is not a game typical of other videogames. Harvest Moon: Animal Parade involves developing a farm, and not much else. So it is wake up, work, eat, work, rest, and the cycle will just keep on going until the success of the farm is apparent. Then there is a twist, if the farmer were a girl and she gets lonely, she might just have a suitor, get into a relationship, get married and then have kids.

There are no words that could accurately explain the experience of the game. It is one of those that is so unusual that it is a one off, a world where the gamer finds life being experienced in a surrealistic way. Players can get so engrossed in this game that the amount of time they spend playing it is astoundingly ridiculous. Ridiculous for there is no movement to speak of other than the hands on the controls of the Wii and charging the tools. The game is mostly controlled by simply pressing on the buttons.

Unfortunately the criticisms would have to be mentioned like the poor visuals and graphics, it is too elementary and uninteresting. Also, the controls are too traditional. The gameplay can be boring, it is just tending the fields, watering the plants one by one! But then again, many fans of the game would say that this is just like real life, it is not like a game or a soap opera.

Obviously Harvest Moon: Animal Parade is a unique game that could interest an unusual set of gamers. However, there is deep satisfaction in seeing the farm grow from just a plot or two into a really successful one. For an almost no motion game, it is engrossing to say the least.

So for those of you who like their games true to life and not too exciting then this game will suit you.

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