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09 October 2009

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In Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, players begin by taking over a run-down homestead with great potential, but this game's old farm is on an enchanted island that's lost its magic. The Mother Tree that once gave life to the island seems to have withered away. Where crops once flourished, the land is now rough and dry. Different tools, such as rakes, shovels, and watering cans, can be "equipped." Tools are used by mimicking their real-life motions with the controller. It's up to the player's character to bring life back to the island one plot at a time, and one friendship at a time.

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Natsume decided to release Harvest Moon for both the Wii and the DS. The Wii game is the first version for this console and although it is marketed as a new game, there are several disturbing issues regarding this the gameplay is obviously recycled, the sound effects are obviously low quality, and the camera is poorly controlled all of which makes it look like an old game. True, there are a lot found in this game, but they are nothing new.

Again, Harvest Moon is about Waffle Island, a cheerful farmland where the economy is in a rut. The Goddess Tree died for some reason and the whole economy goes caput. Therefore, the objective of the gameplay is to make sure that there is enough activity done by the character so they are kept busy. If the player finishes the game, they can just restart but all the monies earned and score gained will be retained. This is a nice feature which makes it fun for those gamers who like to continue playing for as long as they want.

Finishing the game can be lengthy but the income of the character increases which give the character the chance to improve on their farm. The collection of multiplayer games is also nice so they keep the interest up but they are not as fun as the minigames of other Wii games now available. The unlocking process is tedious and can be frustrating for the player.

The gameplay itself matches the previous Harvest Moon games with the same cartoon-like characters fans are familiar with. The soundtrack is more like elevator music but relaxing so the farming is done in a stress-free environment. However, when it's a rainy day, the frame rate hitches and stutters and there is a definitive lag which can disrupt the gameplay.

Although the Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquillity has been released as a 10 year anniversary surprise and is still just as fun as its predecessors, it still comes out as the same thing all over again and can look older than the first instalment. The developers had decided to include a lot of pieces and features of different instalments in this Wii version but its size and lengthy gameplay still feels old. However, it is still a fun game and can still involve the players for hours and weeks to come. So for those who have never played this game before, then go ahead and get it, for it is well worth the price. But for those who have played it and even have the games, the game comes out too familiar for comfort.

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Jan 22, 2014

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