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08 March 2013

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History Legends of War combines strategy, tactics & RPG elements with exciting 3D action, immersing you in the bloody conflicts of WW2 from the beaches of Normandy to the war-torn streets of Berlin! With 36 different types of units at your disposal and with you, as General George Patton at the helm, you must transverse Europe, completing 21 different missions across various terrains, to defeat the Nazis! This highly anticipated follow-up to History: Great Battles Medieval sees you take the role of General Patton in command the Third U.S Army.

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If you want to follow the one of the most famous Generals in American history, through Western Europe, check out History: Legends of War. General George Patton. Patton commanded the Seventh and then the Third Army leaving his legacy as a strategist, pulling the troops into cooperating teams, and a genius at lifting moral. He was not without this colorful and driving personality.

The game will give you the opportunity select missions of your choice. Included in this offering are Sabotage, Infiltration, Attack and Defense. Legends of War Patton will not only develop your strategy skills but also provide entertainment. Fighting from the beaches to France and on to Belgium, Patton's army fought for victory.

The game gives you a stunning setting visually authentic with the combination of console strategy gaming coupled with turn tactics and action. Legends of War Patton also give you the opportunity to play in hot-seat multiplayer missions. The General will successfully advance in campaigns and you will have the opportunity to assist the strategy with Commandos, Fighters, Bombers, Attack and Sabotage campaigns as you build up the skill points and the General's prestige as he strongly commands the third Army.

The Legends of War uses prestige points, which you use as currency within the game. You can use the currency to heal the wounded, recruiting new soldiers, aid the repair of vehicles that were damaged and other streams where you can help the success of a mission. Successful missions include victory of heroic, major, normal or minor. You as the strategist will dictate the outcome.

The veteran units become more valuable during the missions as their experience will help to improve their offensive power and pinpoint precision of their weapons. As you play the game with success, you will build experience points that will give rank to the unit as it evolves to a powerhouse. The maximum amount of points needed to acquire a star is one hundred. Those ranks will build upon your success to a silver star for four points and the highest is a gold star acquired by the gold star. Five rank stars become very valuable to the army of General Patton.

The missions played in the multiplayer mode with one taking German and the other taking American forces competing against each other. You choose the play and pass the console to your game partner. The aim is to kill all of the opponent's men.

Much of the fun is when you assume the role of General Patton leading your units through battles and disasters looking back at the history of the famous General utilizing 35 different missions. From the beaches of France fighting the road to Berlin, Patton's Army was influential in World War II history.

Using snipers, aircraft, infantry, elite forces, bombers, and the cinematics of the video game give you opportunity to develop endless strategies. History: Legends of War Patton builds your skills and thinking process. You are General George Patton whose history is embedded in the threads of American wars.

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