History Legends of War - Xbox 360 Cheats


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History Legends of War Xbox 360 achievements.

Carry out the following tasks to get the corresponding number of Gamerscore points:-

Air Support (40 points): First aircraft recruited (Campaign Mode).
Armored support (20 points): First tank recruited (Campaign Mode).
Assassin! (40 points): 15 German soldiers killed with knife (Campaign Mode).
Battle Hardened Recruit (30 points): First operation completed (Campaign Mode).
Combat veteran (70 points): Third operation completed (Campaign Mode).
Destroyer! (20 points): 50 German units destroyed (Campaign Mode).
First blood! (10 points): First mission completed (Campaign Mode).
Full army! (60 points): Third Army completed (Campaign Mode).
Heroic (40 points): 5 heroic victories achieved (Campaign Mode).
Heroic Leader (120 points): 10 heroic victories achieved (Campaign Mode).
Inspirational General (50 points): Max out any of Patton's Skills (Campaign Mode).
New recruit! (10 points): Tutorial completed.
Retrained! (20 points): First upgrade made (Campaign Mode).
Skilled warrior (40 points): Second operation completed (Campaign Mode).
Specialist Infantry (10 points): First bazooka recruited (Campaign Mode).
Supreme commander (120 points): Fourth operation completed without casualties (Campaign Mode).
Their worst nightmare! (40 points): 100 German units destroyed (Campaign Mode).
War Hero (80 points): 200 German units destroyed (Campaign Mode).
Weapons Tech (80 points): All types of units unlocked (Campaign Mode).
When the war is over (100 points): Game completed (Campaign Mode).