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09 November 2012

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Hotel Transylvania puts gamers in Dracula's lush, "5 Stake" monster retreat during a huge birthday celebration for his daughter Mavis. But things get complicated when an adventurous human stumbles into the hotel, which was built specifically to let monsters get away from humans, and takes a liking to Mavis. Players travel through a variety of strange locations, solving puzzles, battling boss characters, and interacting with famous monsters like Frankenstein and his wife, the Mummy, the Invisible Man, and the Werewolf family.

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Hotel Transylvania on the 3DS is a video game developed by Way Forward and published by Avanquest Software. It was released in September 2012.

Ghouls and monsters alike will enjoy this fun family friendly game which has landed on the Nintendo 3DS. It is based off the movie of the same name, and the graphics are set so that the player feels like they are in the hotel with the monsters and ghouls. Fly, turn into a ghost, and even walk up walls as you avoid the zombies and collect coins to level up.

The game, like the movie, is set around Dracula's daughter turning 118 years old. He has arranged for many of his closest friends and companions to all attend a lavish party for his daughter. Among these friends are a variety of monsters, the invisible man, and even the werewolf clan to take part in the festivities. The problem with this elaborate pan is that a human has somehow wandered into their midst.

Throughout the game the character, Mavis is working her way through the hotel. She is meeting with the many guests her father has invited to her party. In the course of her explorations throughout the castle, she is also on a quest to find a variety of different gems. These gems not only allow her to level up faster, but they also give her different powers and abilities, as well as unlock hidden areas that were previously inaccessible to her.

The game play also includes finding specific characters. They will be clearly marked on a map that is provided on the player’s screen. Once the player reaches the character, they will tell the player of something that they need. The player then works their way around the map and find the item. The item is then returned to the character in question.

The layout of the game is exceptional. One will be able to view and explore the castle, cathedrals, the clock tower, as well as many different catacombs. The abilities that one may garner along the exploration of these many areas include turning to mist, flying, running up walls, and the Dracula stare.

Some may say this game is repetitive, but that is only looking at the game play in one dimension. The musical score for the game is uplifting and quite soothing. The graphics are the not best in the world, but they are three dimensional and very intricate. Learning to master the many different jumps and obstacles will keep the little ones busy for hours, and that will offer some needed relaxation to their parents.

In terms of handheld game system games, this is not the best, but neither is it the worst. Experienced gamers of more than six years might find this boring, but this game does not appear to be geared toward this experience or age level. Younger players, especially ones who have seen and loved the movie will love this game. It is true to form with the movie, one gets to interact with all their favorite characters and being able to fly as a bat is just plain cool. This is a must have for Hotel Transylvania fans.

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