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04 September 2009

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In IL-2 Sturmovik: Birds of Prey, missions involve airborne combat in the skies above key ground-based military operations. In addition to the title craft, players can fly in famous planes including Germany's BF 109F-4, Britain's Hurricane, and the United States' Spitfire. More than 50 planes are available in all, although some must be unlocked by completing missions and accomplishing other in-game objectives. The game's 50-plus missions are set in six large European theaters of World War II: The Battle of Britain, Stalingrad, Berlin, Sicily, the Battle of the Bulge, and Korsun.

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Set in the World War 2 era Birds of Prey gives you control over planes flying high in the sky. The player can choose from the Battle of Berlin to the Battle of Britain and fly high, aiding allies both in the land and skies, and defeating enemy subs, fighter jets, and bombers as you go along.

The first part of the game is tutorials. Finish these and you will be able to unlock the real fighting flying levels. These levels offer a realistic flying flight simulation as you have very limited ammo and a quite difficult plane to maneuver. This makes the fight more personal as not only do you have enemies hell bend on bringing you down you also fight with your planes’ limited resources. You have the cockpit’s view, and there are no radars to aid you in discerning between the enemies and allies.

Whether you are in the beginner mode, or an expert, Birds of Prey has done a great job of recreating the World War 2 fighting. They are not easy, but not too difficult to fly around as well. The movements of the game are just right. You will fly a variety of airplanes that have special tricks unique to each of them. Hold the left trigger and the camera moves to track your target. The resulting effect is a cinematic view of the ensuing dogfight.

A multiplayer package is included, and it offers 16 players to play against each other in 4 different game modes. Dogfight and Tema Battle modes are the same as the ones on the game while Capture Airfields is achieved through landing on an airfield to claim that space. The Strike Mode will have you bombing away enemy ground units while you protect your own units from foreign flyers.

Sturmovik is a nice game, with the detailing on the planes guaranteed not to shame the Red Baron, and a variety of locations offer different excitement experiences during flying. Once hit, you will see the bullet holes in your plane and snap in different areas. There is a slowdown problem though, especially during combat that has multiple fighters on the screen, not enough to spoil the game though, the audio is also very good.

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