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20 November 2009

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Jak and Daxter: The Lost Frontier on the PSP sees one of the most popular duos in gaming history back together for a brand new action-packed mission. Ideal whether you’re a Jak and Daxter fan or new to the series, the storyline picks up immediately following the conclusion of the original award winning trilogy. With their world slowly dying as resources of Light Eco begin to expire, Jak and Daxter set off in search of the ancient Precursor technology that could just prevent their planet’s demise. Their destination is the Brink – the edge of the world and a stomping ground for cutthroat sky pirates who don’t exactly welcome visitors with open arms.

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The latest addition to the series carries on in the long tradition of the previous trusted titles. It's a visually attractive, challenging, action filled game that doesn't lack variety. There are new elements to the game, such as combat, to keep things alive. The only things to watch out for are the sometimes-off-camera enemies and the not-so-smooth storyline, faults easily overshadowed by the solid and engaging gameplay.

This time around, Jak, Daxter, and Kiera set off on a quest to save the planet from eco destruction. Once into the story, you spend a fair bit of time trying to navigate tricky environments, this start off being easy but relentlessly becoming more difficult. The obstacles presented are many and varied: underground passageways, rapidly moving seesaw-like platforms, narrow bridges, a time limit, and hordes of enemies. During these levels, double jumps quickly become your best friend. There's also a good deal of puzzle solving, which is nicely integrated into the gameplay and increases in difficulty as the game progresses. The amusing chatter between the two characters also gives the story a lift.

There is a problem with combat as the game's semi-fixed camera is sometimes unsuccessful at keeping track of what's going on. This isn't a problem in other parts of the game, but during arena combat situations it becomes a real nuisance. You have to constantly reposition the camera by tapping the shoulder buttons if you want to stay one step ahead of your enemies. In some cases, it makes the combat difficult.

While half of the game is spent solving platforming puzzles and engaging in ground combat, the other half is spent in free-roaming air combat, which makes for a balanced and interesting mix of gameplay. You start out controlling Jak's ship, but he will eventually get his hands on four others, which you have the option of flying during the many side missions. These levels involve roaming the skies, dogfighting, and occasionally taking on a big gunship by destroying its propellers and then its turrets. The flight controls are smooth, and you have plenty of opportunities to practice before you begin taking on enemy fighters. Thankfully, while you're in the air you have the advantage of an automatic lock-on function which makes it much easier to take down enemy planes. Many aspects and abilities, such as your plane and powers can be customized.

You get the chance to play a few levels as Dark Daxter, which happens when Daxter occasionally falls into pools of dark eco, but this part of the game is not so good, but despite these disappointing Dark Daxter levels and the sometimes troublesome camera, The Lost Frontier lives up to the Jak and Daxter name with some solid and varied gameplay, challenging platforming, and a great mix of ground and air combat. All the best elements invigorate the series while not causing it to stray too far from the familiar crazy adventures.

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