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04 December 2009

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James Cameron's Avatar is the official videogame based on the film of the same name. The game's story leads the player into the heart of the strange, alien planet of Pandora where they will meet the Na'vi, Pandora's original inhabitants and also encounter other imaginatively designed creatures. When the inevitable conflict breaks out between a commercial mineral mining consortium, the RDA Corporation, who are intent on robbing  the planet of its mineral wealth, and the Na'vi, players find themselves in an intens battle whose outcome will determine the fate of a civilisation.

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James Cameron's recent movie is one those successful movies who fell for the trap of a movie getting tied-in with a game. As a response to the movie's monstrous hit, comes James Cameron's Avatar: The Game.

The game and the movie have the same setting which is from a distant moon called Pandora. You can still find the terrifying animals, carnivorous plants, beautiful sceneries, and of course the Na'vi. The problems being faced are still the same. There is still the constant battle between the humans and the inhabitants. Let me just end this movie and game comparison with this statement - if you've seen the movie, then you know what to expect.

If you were thrown off the edge of your seat when you watched the movie, I suggest that don't get your hopes up that much for this game. If only it had the same amount of preparation as the movie, then it would have turned out quite differently and it would have fared better. You know that feeling when you see something and you feel as if it was finished for the sake of being finished on time? It's like an anti-climax. Unfortunately, that's what you get when you play this game. The only thing that saves this game is the graphics, which even the movie was well-known for.

You might feel a little blown off the game by now. But don't fret just yet. The game might not be that good but at least it lets you experience what it is to fight the war from different sides. You have the choice to battle as part of the Na'vi and protect Pandora, or become part of the RDA and fight the inhabitants and finish your mission of extracting minerals in Pandora.

If machines and guns are your preference, then you should take on the RDA campaign. You are provided with different gadgets for you to use as weapons or as defense, whichever might be to your advantage. On the other hand, if you opt for the more primitive style like attacking in close range, then I suggest you fight for the Na'vi. You go back to the basics of having to use staffs, bow and arrow, and knives in this campaign.

The two campaigns are quite different and offer you a whole new perspective; a great strategy on the part of the creators of the game. But unfortunately, both campaigns are just average and neither one is a complete stand-out.

The best part of this game though is not the campaign but the Pandorapedia wherein you get to experience and learn a lot about Pandora. You get to marvel at its wonders and just simply enjoy what you see.

The game in its totality lacks a lot of the game stuff, like things that would make you want to throw the controller because you can't finish a certain level; or if you do, you want to redo it all over again. The game is focused more on the looks of Pandora, leaving all the other elements behind. The controls are poorly developed, the missions lack depth and the fighting leaves you wanting for more.

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