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30 November 2012

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Assassin's Creed III: Join or Die Edition will see a brave young warrior fights to save his homeland. But what begins as a struggle over territory turns into an extraordinary journey that will transform him into a Master Assassin - and will forever change the destiny of a nation. You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will dedicate your life to the freedom of your clan - becoming the spark that ignites the revolution into full blaze.

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Assassin's Creed is perhaps one of the most recognizable video game franchises today. While Altair and Ezio filled the first and second games (as well as all their expansion packs) respectively, the third game hands the endless quest off to Connor. A half Native American, Connor experiences the tyrrany of England and the way it treats all persons living in America. With the Templar seeded into the empire, it's up to Connor and the latest generation of the Brotherhood of Assassins to try and shape the form and future of their own country.

Keep the Best, Discard the Rest

Ubisoft has had a lot of time to tinker with the Assassin's Creed formula, and the Assassin's Creed 3 package is everything that players want to see from the old games with some new things thrown in as well. The prominence of a newer, more organic fighting style, and a bevy of brutal weaponry (not the least of which is Connor's favored tomahawk) is just the beginning. New methods of assassination, better mechanics than ever before, and the chance to go through the usual, high flying acrobatics that have become par for the course for the brand are all still there. However, they're now simpler and more straightforward than ever before.

Setting and Changes

As with the previous two Assassin's Creed eras, the third game in the series takes place in a very different world. Revolutionary War era America has been recreated with a great deal of attention to detail, weaving the plot of the Assassin and Templar shadow war into the bigger, broder tapestry of American and world history. However it makes players wonder if, when they see a historical inaccuracy or a difference in feel, if that is one of the things that's been planned to lead up to the strange, shadowy future that our real main character is living and breathing in.

Since the first Assassin's Creed, there's been a dystopian future regressing people into what feel like ancestral memories, teaching them the skills of the ancient Assassins. Why is that happening? And what will they do once they've successfully lived through the exploits of some of the greatest assassins of history? That, like so many other parts of the series, has yet to be revealed. Probably because Ubisoft doesn't want to kill the golden goose by setting a limit on the number of Assassin's Creed games they can release.

Gameplay on the Wii U

The Wii U is not the ideal controller for an Assassin's Creed game, but it is far from the worst possible choice. Additionally, because of all the work that went into making this game that much easier for players to handle, the Wii U controls work all right. However, for players that aren't used to the hiccoughs and other bumps associated with the Wii U remote over a more traditional game console, there's going to be some adjustments needed before Connor can reach his full potential as a war and world changing assassin.

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