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05 December 2008

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This game is structured to fit in with children's attention span. 5 fun and very challenging activities per day with a unique reward system. There are six mini-games to unlock.

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Lowly Worm

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This is a game that will ultimately shape your childÂ’s brain. It is one just like the other Nintendo DS Brain Training games. It is a game meant for children from the ages of six to eleven. The game claims to improve the spelling, memory numerical problems and problem solving also within the game there are other mini-games that are there to be unlocked by the child throughout the game.

The game offers five puzzles which are supposed to be played at least once a day for about twenty minutes, plus the unlockable mini-game once one successfully completes a puzzle. You will find that spending money on the game is worthwhile as the game if properly played will last for at least a month with your child playing daily. It is however a hiccup because there is no flow of game play as the player is forced to play in bits and not continuously.

There are different types of puzzles and depending on the age of your childÂ’s level of education that well fits. The level of problem solving, numeric problems and all others levels are well represented. Selecting the puzzles is not a big problem and there is all the variety in all what you are supposed to solve the puzzle on. However, you may find the spelling game not that informative. A child is given only three letters to fill in a word and this may pose difficulty to say a six year old.

Basically in this game there is too much guesswork. You will find the math puzzles set up is well laid and there is little here to learn like is in the books, and well, depends on what level your child is in. The mathÂ’s puzzles offer little fun because they are straight to the point and without additions which it there were would add thrill to the game.

The game presentation is not as pleasant or thrilling as it should be. There is the usual monotony with nothing really new in the graphics. This does not mean that the graphics are dull but rather not stimulating and do not seem to match the game. The music is well done, say standard for the intended audience. The music is bouncy and cute and can be annoying because of the repetition of the same soundtracks.

The mini-games are meant to allow your child be able to follow up the daily play. The mini-games are not as perfect and just like the other bits of the game they leave a lot to be desired. You will find the mini-games very easy and this beats the meaning of a puzzle. However, you should appreciate that the mini-games are there to offer all the needed distraction and to beat boredom.

Junior Brain Trainer meets its expected purpose amidst the many shortcomings within it. You will find the value for money by buying the game for your children.

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