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24 June 2014

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Killzone: Shadow Fall – Intercept will see players join forces with up to three friends and sign up for Intelligence Squad Alpha – a crack team of specialist soldiers working behind enemy lines to intercept Helghast military transmissions. Fight as one of four classes the close-quarters Assault trooper, the mid-to-long range Marksman or the support-focused Medic or Tactician roles. Pit your squad against waves of attackers led by Helghast champions from the Killzone: Shadow Fall single player campaign. This co-op action features four arena maps inspired by locations from the single player campaign.

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Release Date: 29/11/2013

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Killzone: Shadow Fall - Intercept was released on the PlayStation 4 in June of 2014. The title was developed by Guerrilla and it serves to expand upon Killzone Shadow Fall. Intercept seeks to put the emphasis on online multiplayer as you and three buddies are given the task of taking it to the VSA headquarters from behind the enemy’s lines. You’ll fight your way through armies of Helghast troops all while focusing on teamwork. We found Killzone Shadow Fall to be an immensely playable game and though the series hasn’t hit the stride we were hoping for a few years ago, there is still plenty to like. Intercept comes to us as a sort of mea culpa and a chance for Shadow Fall to truly hit the big home run.

So Killzone: Shadow Fall was the original launch title for the PS4. The Killzone franchise has frantically been trying to become the big IP that the Playstation world needs in order to combat other console specific IPs like Mario and Halo. Shadow Fall reached the PS4 to mixed reviews but most of them were average to positive. With upgraded graphics, new weapons, and a whole new campaign there was a lot for players to sink their teeth into. However one issue commonly presented itself: there wasn’t a very fun cooperative component to Killzone. That is where Killzone Intercept seeks to change the paradigm a little bit.

We are no strangers to the world of DLC though the Killzone franchise has been, at least to acceptable co-op versions. Intercept seeks to put players into a position where they can blow the hell out of Helghast with a friend outside of the sometimes lacking campaign modes. Intercept features up to four player co-op missions that focus on violence over subtlety and action over any sort of brains. Does that mean the DLC is 'stupid' or a waste of time? Not really. Killzone knows what people come to them for and this DLC aims forcefully to fulfill those desires.

Killzone Intercept is not a cheap piece of DLC and for that reason we were happy to see that there was quite a bit of content on hand. Shadow Fall was a relatively large experience and the game itself was gorgeous so we knew the developers at Guerilla wouldn’t be too lenient with what they packaged up for a DLC component. As we mentioned above, this is a co-op DLC that focuses on action with up to four players at a time. The primary gameplay mechanic consists of wave after wave of orange eyed baddies charging your position. This is a horde mode DLC that is unabashedly pulling from titles like Gears of War and even Halo 4 a little bit. There are four different player classes to dawdle with and four different maps to play through.

Before we delve deeply into the mechanics of the DLC we want to talk about the biggest issue we found - and it has nothing to do with the game. Killzone itself just does not have online gameplay longevity. Players get their copy of Killzone and then breeze through the title before moving on to something else. Unlike Call of Duty, players don’t stick around to play through the online modes. The playerbase for the online mode of Killzone Shadow Fall has been shrinking rapidly since its release despite having a solid base for a game. It’s easy enough to get into matches in the regular Shadow Fall game modes but when you switch to Killzone Intercept you start to notice the latency between looking for a game and actually being able to play. The reliability of the user base is deeply in question and it does affect your enjoyment. Okay, with that said we can start to talk about the DLC itself.

The DLC here is split into a trio of different game types: quick, long, and normal. In any other online game with a large volume player base this would be pretty cool to have different options. However, as we stated above there are already limited players. Further dividing them into different game modes just makes everything that much more barren filling. With that being said, it was always easiest to fill up a squad while playing on the quick mode. The problem is that the other two modes are exponentially more difficult, so having a full squad there is even more important than in the quick mode. Disappointing but true. Still, if you have some buddies that own copies of the game then you’ll be good to go no matter what.

When you play a game of Killzone your focus is on little else but the gunplay. With so many enemies swarming your position the guns take center focus. The hefty gun action is represented here and exaggerated to an enjoyable degree as you mow down row after row of Helghast soldiers. Being able to switch between classes gives you a different experience as you play through the game. The fact that we don’t have to worry about much narrative storyline means our focus is completely on the action and that, actually, is for the better in this DLC. With only four soldiers on your side against waves of enemies it always seems like the situation is dire. So dire, in fact, that when you actually push back your enemies for even a moment it feels like a Herculean accomplishment and is thus all the more entertaining as a result.

One issue that we did have with the game is that each team can only have a single member of each class. You can’t have four marksmen, for example. Rather you have to have one marksmen, one medic, one heavy and so on. We understand the need to keep the game balanced but it would have been so much more entertaining if we were able to gameplan in the lobby how we wanted to proceed with our classes.

Killzone Intercept is a fun piece of DLC that really clicks when you have friends playing with you. The game itself is simple and straightforward but it is hard getting in a game with random online users.

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