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13 September 2013

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This edition of the game is in fact a collection made up of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days.

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Kingdom of Hearts holds a special place in many gamers' hearts and this remake is sure to hold a special place right next to it. This edition of the game is in fact a collection made up of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Chain of Memories and 358/2 Days. Disney and Square Enix teamed up to bring us all of our favorite Disney characters with our old buddies Sora, Riku and Kairi. To win you must successfully get through each Disney background and defeat all villains.

This remix follows the same storyline as the original games with upgraded graphics and controls to satisfy the gamers who have become used to the HD and responsive controls that are now becoming standard. Though the combined Disney and Final Fantasy storyline satisfied many players when the original game came out some of them arenÂ’t as pleased with it now, as many of those original players were the first ones to rush out and buy this version. The backgrounds, characters and quests have all been digitally upgraded with new weapons and abilities. These new abilities and weapons though are causing some problems for players; there are reports that some of the basic controls not coming up to present day gaming standards. Not every scene has been upgraded though, and it is quite easy to tell the difference between what is upgraded digitally and what was just added from the old game. The jumping controls seem to be a bit too slow and unresponsive for many and this may be the reason for the high difficulty on some levels. Also the camera control has many glitches and may require some stopping and starting in order to complete the quests.

As with the original, each level contains a different world and has famous Disney characters for you to fight alongside and infamous Disney villains to fight against. Whether you want to fight with Peter Pan or fly on AladdinÂ’s magic carpet you can do it with Sora and do your best to defeat the evil villains such as Ursula and the Queen of Hearts. Each level contains multiple villains and as you progress through levels there are more and more villains and evil minions to fight and defeat. You may find yourself fighting some of the opponents you have already defeated as there is some repetition in the earlier levels.

Overall any diehard fan of the original Kingdom Hearts will spend the 50-60 hours of gameplay reminiscing as they swim, fly and fight their way to the end. Disney and Enix spent a lot of time upgrading this game for the PS3 and to bring it up to the 2013 gaming standards. For any Disney or Final Fantasy fan it combines the characters and stories to satisfy and entertain on a trip down memory lane.

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