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27 June 2008

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Kung Fu Panda is a 3D platform game that has Po navigating 13 hazard-filled, multi-tiered levels. Animal enemies are defeated using an array of paw-to-paw moves, from spinning kicks to body slams to bowling over foes by tucking into a ball. Po's agility will also be put to the test, whether it's swinging from tree limbs or leaping across lily pads. Players can even control Po's menagerie of friends, who specialize in distinct kung-fu styles and offer character-specific talents. Monkey, Tigress, Viper, Crane, and Mantis are all playable throughout the adventure.

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The story follows the main character Po, though you will also play as his sensei Master Shifu and all the Furious Five members. As the main bad guy, Tai Lung, returns to Peace Valley, the different gangs are all out and about trying to gain some advantage. It's up to your character to progress through the storyline to help stop them. Other than just fighting, this game offers the opportunity to look around for coins and figurines that provide some reward to the player. Despite that, the game can be finished in about four hours by a player who doesn't do any of the side quests or tasks that are available.

The game is played by moving around with the left analog controller, and attacking with the two different attack buttons. One of those buttons charges up a power attack which uses Chi. This chi can be replenished by picking up orbs dropped by defeated enemies. Po can also pick up dumplings to replenish his health, and gold bars to upgrade his skills and statistics between levels. As you get the moves down, it does become somewhat repetitive to so completely devastate your enemies, but that's somewhat mixed up by the way boss battles play out. They are based on button-press-sequences that will get more difficult and longer as you get to more advanced bosses. These battles don't end up with a penalty if you miss the sequence, allowing younger players the chance to keep at it until they get it right.

There is a multiplayer setup available, but it only allows offline play. In addition, only half the games are unlocked when you first start playing. You have to find items in the single-player game to unlock other mini-games for multiplayer. Once you get into them though, there is a lot of variety in the mini-games, and probably many hours of fun could be enjoyed with some friends there.

The audio for the game is very well done, and the voice actors, in addition to sounding very close to the actual actors from the movie, also deliver their lines with enthusiasm. The graphics, too, deliver an experience that will have players remembering fondly the similar scenes from the movie.

That's what you'll find throughout in Kung Fu Panda, and it helps to make this title a really enjoyable experience from start to finish. The only black mark on that experience is that it is too short, and could easily have gone on much longer. Hopefully, any sequel they make to the movie will be followed by a videogame sequel that will learn from these lessons.

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