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14 November 2014


In LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham, gamers join the Caped Crusader and a host of other DC Comics superheroes and villains as they head into space to stop Braniac. The action finds players traveling to Lantern Worlds to smash blocks, battle foes, collect studs, and acquire Lantern Rings. There are more than 150 uniquely skilled characters available, from large figures like Killer Croc and Solomon Grundy to obscure heroes like Bat-Cow and Krypto the Superdog, and gamers will also visit familiar locations like the Hall of Justice, the Batcave, and the Justice League Watchtower.

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8.4 / 10
In LEGO Batman: The Videogame on the PC, players will take control of the Dynamic Duo, Batman and Robin, as you build, drive, swing, and fight your way through Gotham City capturing escaped villain...
by Warner Bros. Interactive
Release Date: 10/10/2008

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Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is one of the latest titles to be released in the vaunted Lego based video game series. The game is a follow up to 'Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes'. Fans of the series will have an idea of what they are getting when they step in line to purchase this game, but for the people we will break it down. Keep on reading and find out why this might be the crowning jewel in the Lego universe.

Let's get out of Gotham.

Brainiac has returned to cause some more trouble for the Caped Crusader and his band of Lego allies. In this game, which follows up right after where 'Lego Batman 2' left off. Brainiac is buzzing around kidnapping the different Lanterns so that he can use them to shrink the Earth down to a tiny object in order to add it to his collection. This diabolical plot causes Batman and the gang to be forcibly linked up with a variety of unusual allies. The Joker, Justice League, Lex Luthor, and the rest of the Legion of Doom get in on the action to help actually save the planet. It's definitely bizarre but it works and it is an interesting way to get players to experience some of the other iconic DC characters that are out there. Fans will definitely get a load of familiar faces in this game and they will get to experience all of their abilities, too.

Much like the other games in the Lego series, 'Lego batman 3: Beyond Gotham' puts you right back into familiar stomping grounds. You will be tasked with busting up bricks, using your special moves, and working with your partner to push the story along. The game is geared toward younger audiences so there is less of a pressure to make the game difficult and a bigger push to make the game more enjoyable. There is the occasional puzzle to keep things interesting.

As you play through the nearly ten hour campaign you will end up getting the hang of the different characters that you play as. Due to the diverse abilities of the different characters, you will find yourself switching them around pretty often. Over the course of a single mission, when stopped at a checkpoint, you will likely end up changing to a different character. It is a solid way to keep the game fresh without devolving to gimmicks. Each character brings their own abilities to the table and on the whole provide some form of usefulness.

How does it look?

The Lego video games hold a special place in our hearts for what they bring to the table. The games are vibrant reminders that it is great to revisit your childhood. As with the other games in the Lego universe, 'Beyond Gotham' provides a beautiful visual experience. The story is a bit darker than 'Batman 2' and it looks appropriately more gritty. When you are chasing Killer Croc through the sewers the visuals match that decision. The greatest thing that 'Beyond Gotham' has done is their recreating of dozens of famous and not so famous heroes from stories of old. Seeing each individual character on screen, armed with their unique costume, is pretty darn cool. Each character's personality definitely embodies that of the source material. The idle animations of the characters are even on point. On the whole, the game looks great. The interface is intuitive and it is easy to know what to do and how to do it. The game isn't some sort of graphical juggernaut, but it definitely does what it needs to do and it does all of that very well.

Batman is a sidekick?

'Beyond Gotham' is probably the closest thing to a Justice League video game that we are going to get, at least for awhile and that's not exactly a bad thing. The game offers an array of interesting personalities and it pushes you to actually use them all as you push forward in the campaign. Now I think this is a wonderful thing but it will rub some hardcore Batman fans the wrong way. At times Batman is no longer the most important man in the room. He will often find himself taking a back seat to other characters as their stories are developed and pushed across our screen. Is that a good thing? A bad thing? It's hard to say. In any event, 'Beyond Gotham' should offer fans of the Batman IP a chance to really dig in with some under represented characters.

A few special cameos?

The Lego series of video games have always done a remarkable job of treating their fans with respect but also of having fun with the franchise. That means that Batman isn't always perfect and there are goofy moments that sort of mock the original material. In doing so the Lego series has always straddled a fine line. For 'Beyond Gotham' the developers decided to add a little bit of flavor to the game. Real life celebrities Conan O'Brien, Kevin Smith, and Adam West all make appearances in the game. Conan O'Brien, the funny late night comedian, acts as your tour guide at the Batcave. Adam West makes a cameo in almost every level, through typically under the disguise of differing characters. Kevin Smith, the director and writer, also has a few bonus lines. While we can see the entertainment that these cameos provide, they might blur the line a little bit for comic fans.

A few thoughts in closing.

At the end of the day the Lego Batman series is all about having a good time. With the same hack and slash combat styles and simple puzzles in the way, 'Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham' is an enjoyable and relaxing game to play. There are a few minor flaws and sometimes the camera is a pain, but those can be forgiven for what is truly a golden experience.

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